How to Choose Rolling Machinery for Small Rolling Plant?

In small steel production plants, in the purchase of steel rolling machinery needs to be the control of funds, and for the purchase of funds alone, resulting in many small steel plants are forced to choose the market out or second-hand steel rolling equipment, in fact, in our rolling mill production plants, this choice is actually a lack of rational analysis and for the steel rolling mill market to examine the large.

In the new off-line rolling mill equipment, the factory price is actually not high, of course, for the second-hand machinery, after the trading company, the price is relatively high, but in fact, the price range of new and used machines is not much, compared to new equipment, because the rolling mill is a continuous working machinery, always consuming, performance is certainly declining, including the motor life control, the host rollers wear condition are factors that need to be taken into account, so the total calculation, buy old used machinery how to calculate is a bad deal.

Our company has an experienced and highly skilled sales and service team and a perfect sales and service network, with customer service outlets in many cities, customer service is flexible and diverse, in addition to the traditional sales and service methods, but also the implementation of Internet sales, tracking operations services. Before customers purchase the machine, the company will send engineers and technicians to the site for free to plan the site, design the process and program; after the purchase of the machine, the company will assign free professional after-sales service personnel to the site to guide customers to install and commission and plan the management of equipment.

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