50,000 TPY Steel Rebar Rolling Mill Production Line

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Product introduction

Capacity: 50,000 - 300,000 TPY

Billet Sizes: 70 x 70 mm - 120 x 120 mm, 1.5 - 6 meter long

Final Product: Rebar/Wire rods 6 - 32 mm diameter

Grade: From low to high carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel

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The automatic rebar rolling production line offers several advantages over traditional rebar manufacturing methods.

Firstly, the automatic rebar production line significantly increases production capacity and efficiency due to its automated and continuous operation.

Secondly, it ensures consistent and accurate rebar dimensions, which is crucial for structural integrity and safety.

Thirdly, it reduces labor costs and minimizes the risk of human error, resulting in higher product quality and lower production costs.

Fourthly, it allows for greater flexibility in rebar design and customization based on specific project requirements.

Lastly, it minimizes environmental impact by reducing waste and energy consumption through optimized production processes.


production process of steel rebar

Technical Parameter

Raw Materials Steel Billet or Scrap Steel
Final Products 6-32mm Rebar
Voltage (V) 950*3 phrases
MF Voltage (V) 1,700
Annual Capacity (ton) 30,000
Hourly Capacity (ton) 10
Billet Size (mm*mm) 70*70, 90*90
Rolling Mill Stands 7
Space (m*m) At least 120*20
Hourly Electricity Consumption 5kW·h

The above configuration is for reference only and can be adjusted according to the venue provided

by the customer.

Equipment Required

Equipment For Scrap Steel For Steel Billet
Melting Furnaces 3T*4 /
Continuous Casting Machine R3.5 /
Reheating Furnace / induction heating furnace or

gas-fired billet heating furnace

Roughing Rolling Mill FF380*3 FF380*3
Intermediate Rolling Mill FF330*2 FF330*2
Finish Rolling Mill FF280*2 FF280*2
Cooling Bed (m*m) (Optional) 40*4 40*4

Our Services

  • Technical support and consultancy for productivity, quality improvement, and repairing activities
  • Train the operators with working experience and skills to assist our customers in running the machine as soon as possible
  • Original equipment upgrading service
  • Spare parts and consumable products for the steel rebar production line are available
  • The basic layout of equipment and plant layout can be provided
  • Experienced and skillful engineers overseas help install and debug the machine if necessary
  • Competitive price and good quality
  • Our machines are easy to operate and maintain
  • The equipment has stable performance and has been running stably in many countries around the world for more than 5 years
  • Suitable production solutions can be customized according to different customer needs

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