Small Steel Rolling Mill Production Line

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Product introduction

Rolling Mill Capacity: 10,000 - 20,000 tpy

Starting Billet: 40 mm*40 mm - 100 mm*100 mm

Finished Product: Rebar, wire rod, shaped steel, flat steel 8-32mm diameter

Steel Grade: Low, medium carbon steel, stainless steel & alloyed steel

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Product Features

  1. Judian H-Series Small rolling mill is the steel rolling equipment customized by Judian company in combination with the information of foreign customer power, production capacity, maintenance, etc. It has the advantages of simple installation and maintenance, easy operation, small investment, and use less land area, it is suitable for the rolling needs of the wire and profile steel with an output of fewer than 5 tons per hour. Supporting the automatic roller table and the cooling bed can realize fully automatic operation.
  2. The whole set of equipment consists of an induction melting furnace, billet casting, billet heating furnace, three-roll reversible rolling mills, flying shear, cooling bed, length of shear, and packing platforms.
  3. Treated steel liquid is made into steel billets in three ways:
    • Use the steel molds casting;
    • Vertical casting machine crystallization molding;
    • A continuous casting machine is continuous casting.
  4. H-Series Small rolling mills can reserve a lot of space in equipment upgrades, for example, if you have enough space, you can increase the continuous rolling mill directly. All original investment equipment does not need to be dismantled.
  5. Judian small rolling mill production line can increase the tail plate for automatic operation, which can effectively reduce the amount of personnel.
  6. For example, in a 60*60 billet, It takes 16 passes to roll out 8mm rebar. If it is an H-Series four rolling mills, Pass the first rolling mill 7 times. Passing the second rolling mill 5 times. After passing the third rolling mill and the fourth rolling mill, it becomes a finished product.
  7. The biggest advantage of the H series small rolling mill is its flexibility. Choose a reasonable deformation sequence and passing times according to different finished product sizes.
  8. Judian small rebar production line electrical control system is simple and reliable. There is only one set of powerful motors for a set of equipment. There is only one control system. The structure is simple and convenient for later maintenance and replacement of parts.
  9. Rolling wire rod coiled needs to increase the laying machine at the end of the hot rolling mill, Rolling angle steel needs to increase the straightening machine at the end of the rolling mill.

Product Parameters

Specification and Technical Parameter
Model Power Rolling Speed (m/s) Feed section (mm2) Rolling specification (mm)
H200-2 90KW 1.5 30*30 Ø10-16
H220-2 95KW 1.5-2 40*40 Ø10-24
H250-3 180KW 1.8-2.5 50*50 Ø8-32
H250-4 315/240KW 2.5-4 60*60 Ø8-32
H250-5 500KW 2.5-5 50*50 Ø6.5-32
H280-5 630KW 2-2.5 70*70 Ø6.5-32
H300-5 680KW 2-2.5 90*90 Ø6.5-32
H350-5 800KW 2-2.5 90*90 Ø6.5-32

Our Services

  • The basic layout of equipment and plant layout can be provided
  • Provide after-sales service, we have installation engineers stationed overseas all year round, who can go to your factory to install and debug the machine
  • Competitive price and good quality
  • Our machines are easy to operate and maintain
  • The equipment has stable performance and has been running stably in many countries around the world for more than 5 years
  • Suitable production solutions can be customized according to different customer needs
  • The production capacity can be adjusted according to customer requirements

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