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Product introduction

The intermediate rolling mill is a rolling mill between the roughing mill and the finishing rolling mill, and the rough rolling stock is rolled with a gradually decreasing deformation amount. The middle machine frame is an important part of the working frame and must have sufficient strength and rigidity. Luoyang Judian Metal Thermal Processing Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of steel rolling equipment. ferrous metal rolling equipment such as profile rolling mill, small rolling mill, rolling machinery, waste steel bar transformation equipment, etc

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Product Features

  1. High-rigidity rolling mill ensures product accuracy and is easy to achieve negative offset rolling;
  2. Realize symmetrical adjustment;
  3. Long bearing life, reduce product cost;
  4. The performance is pre-adjusted, the roll change is fast, and the yield is high.

Intermediate Rolling Mill - Judian

Technical Parameter

Name Technical parameter
FF300*4 FP250*6 FP250*2 FP220*2
Roll diameter (mm) Ø280-Ø330 Ø230-Ø280 Ø230-Ø280 Ø200-Ø240
Roll face length (mm) 700 500 500 350
Main motor Power(kw) 630 800 240 185
Rotating speed (FPM) 590 590 738 738
Distribution box Transverse mode (mn) 12 10 10 8
Center distance (mm) 1350 1250 1250 1200
Tooth width (mm) 615 500 450 400
Gearbox Transverse mode (mn) 12 10 10 8
Center distance (mm) 310 260 260 220
Tooth width (mm) 604 550 450 500
Transfer method *** Universal
joint shaft
joint shaft
joint shaft
joint shaft
Weight (T) 68.16 72.13 17.7 12.3
Note: The above data is for reference only, please consult the sales staff for details

Our Services

  • The basic layout of equipment and plant layout can be provided
  • Provide after-sales service, we have installation engineers stationed overseas all year round, who can go to your factory to install and debug the machine
  • Competitive price and good quality
  • Our machines are easy to operate and maintain
  • The equipment has stable performance and has been running stably in many countries around the world for more than 5 years
  • Suitable production solutions can be customized according to different customer needs
  • The production capacity can be adjusted according to customer requirements

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