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Production Solution

According to the actual needs of customers, formulate a detailed production process, maximize the use of customers' existing plant, space, power, manpower, and other production conditions, and design not only suitable for customers but also a specific feasible production line scheme.

Professional and technical personnel will analyze the feasibility of the production line from various aspects, and finally issue detailed design drawings, indicating the equipment composition of the production line. Meanwhile, the space for equipment upgrading is reserved in advance, to prepare customers to expand production capacity later.

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Committed to high quality and high price service to customers at home and abroad.

Online Consult


Provide professional and systematic solutions for steel making from scrap recycled iron.

Drawing Design

Provide 3D design drawings of production solutions, overall plant design drawings.

Technical Support

Equipment selection to capacity optimization, professional project manager to provide technical support throughout the process to avoid risks.


Provide detailed equipment maintenance general knowledge and various maintenance techniques, any problems we will actively solve.

Original Parts

Original factory original parts, rapid supply of all complete products and supporting products of common parts, wearing parts.

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