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Product introduction

The all-in continuous casting machine also called continuous casting machine for steel billet, is different from other casting processes. In this process, the surface of the liquid steel and the billet can be dynamically steady. On the one hand, the liquid steel solidifies against the mould walls, and on the other hand, the billet solidified is pulled out from the bottom of the mould at a steady speed. Thus, the interface of the liquid steel and the billet will be at a relatively constant position as time goes on. By continuously pouring molten metal into a water-cooling mould, and pulling the solidified (crust) casting out from the other end of the mould, we can get billets of any length or a specific length. The process above is completed with the continuous casting machine for steel billet. This is why it is called the all-in continuous casting machine.

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Product Application

This CCM (Continuous Casting Machine) equipment is used to casting billet continuously. The main products are R2.5M, R3M, R4M, R6M, R9M, and R12M continuous casting machine with matching radius. It is composed of large steel ladle, middle steel ladle, crystallizer, vibration device, arc section, primary water cooling, secondary water cooling, dummy bar, billet pulling device, multi-point straightening and cutting device etc.

The min capacity is 4.7 ton per hour. Suitable for the production line over 5T per hour. The billet size: 60*60mm-220*220mm, the running speed of the continuous casting machine is adjustable.

all in continuous casting machine

Product Structure

Generally, a continuous casting machine consists of a molten steel carrying device (ladle, turret), tundish and its replacement device, crystallizer and vibration device, secondary water cooling system, pulling straightener, cutting equipment, dummy device, and other components. It can produce 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 180mm, and 220mm square billets in single flow or multi-flows.


Molten Steel Ladle

The steel ladle is the equipment that contains the liquid steel and pours it into the tundish. The capacity of the steel ladle ranges from tens of kilograms to tons.

Molten Steel Ladle - Judian

Tundish Ladle

The tundish ladle is the temporary container from which the liquid steel will flow into the crystallizer. It acts as a buffer and cleans the molten steel. Its capacity is generally 20% to 40% of that of the steel ladle. The more the flow of the casting machine has, the greater its capacity.

Tundish Ladle - Judian


The crystallizer is the “heart” of the continuous casting machine. It requires good thermal conductivity, structural rigidity, wear resistance, and ease of manufacture and maintenance. It is generally made of forged copper or cast brass. And, its outer wall is forced to cool uniformly with water. The function of the crystallizer vibration device is to make the crystallizer vibrate periodically to prevent the primary shell from being bonded to the mold wall and being pulled apart. The vibration curve generally changes according to the sinusoidal law to reduce the impact. The amplitude and frequency should be consistent with the pull speed and close cooperation to ensure the quality and output of the billet.

Crystallizer - Judian

Secondary Water Cooling System

The second cooling device is installed at the exit of the crystal device. Its role is to use water spray or atomized cooling to accelerate the coagulation of the cast and control the temperature of the cast. The pressure and volume of the second water cooling device can be adjusted to meet the needs of different steel types and different speeds.


Pulling Straightener

The function of the drawing and leveling machine is to provide drawing power and straighten the curved casting billet and drive the cutting device to move. The drawing speed greatly influences the output and quality of the continuous casting.


Dummy Device

The function of the dummy device is to block the lower opening of the crystallizer with the dummy head before the continuous casting, and pull the billet out of the casting machine after the molten steel is solidified, then disengage the dummy head, and put the dummy bar into the storage device.


Cutting Equipment

The billet cutting equipment cuts the billet in continuous motion into fixed lengths. The commonly used cutting equipment includes flame cutters or hydraulic shears and swing shears.

Cutting Equipment - Judian

Roller Table

The roller tables are the equipment that carries the ingots or steel billets from the preheating furnace or heating furnace to the steel mill. The feeding roller table is at the head of the rolling line. It is used to receive ingots from the ingot carrier or clamp crane. The working roller table is located between two mills to receive the rolled parts from the former rolling mill and feed them into the next one.

Roller Table - Judian

Basic Parameters

Main Parameter R2.25M R4M R5.25M R6M
Power 95KW
Billet Size 60-80 square 90-150 square 90-180 square 90-220 square
Flow One flow or multi-flow according to customer’s requirements
Working Speed Adjustable.  Normal working: 4-4.7M/min
Cutting Method Manual / Mechanical / Flame cutting
Production Capacity 4-8T/Hour/ Flow 8-20T/Hour/Flow 8-30T/Hour/Flow 8-50T/Hour/Flow
Workshop Lifting height 6M 9M 9-12M 9-12M

Product Advantages

The continuous casting machine for steel billet is arranged within a 1/4 arc range, so its height is lower than that of the vertical and vertical curved types, the weight of the equipment is lighter, the investment cost is lower, and the installation and maintenance of the equipment are convenient.

Due to the low height of the equipment, the hydrostatic pressure on the billet during the solidification process is relatively small, which can reduce internal cracks and segregation caused by the deformation of the belly, and is beneficial to increase the casting speed and improve the quality of the billet.

Small area occupied, and the worktable can be large or small according to the different installation methods.

Various casting methods, such as manual casting, crane casting, rail car casting, electric furnace direct casting etc.

The height of the casting machine is below 3.5m, and it can be installed in the folk houses. Meanwhile the casting machine can be under the ground of 1m to use an electric furnace for casting.

As the all-in type structure, it can be installed by a crane to shorten the installation time. It can start the work when the water and electricity is connected.

It’s easy to realize continuous casting and rolling only by raising 300℃ for the billets when using 25 type or 30 type rolling mill.

The start-up preparation time is short. 10 minutes is enough to start casting.

The operation is simple. The operator can work in skillful by a short-term training.

There are no requirements on the cooling water, such as water quality, acidity and alkalinity, soft hardness and minerals etc. Any water can be used.

It is workable on low carbon steel, medium carton steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel etc.

It runs stably and the pulling speed can be adjusted continuously.

It has the simplest design structure to reduce the maintenance and ensure the normal running of the machine.

Our Services

  • The basic layout of equipment and plant layout can be provided
  • Provide after-sales service, we have installation engineers stationed overseas all year round, who can go to your factory to install and debug the machine
  • Competitive price and good quality
  • Our machines are easy to operate and maintain
  • The equipment has stable performance and has been running stably in many countries around the world for more than 5 years
  • Suitable production solutions can be customized according to different customer needs
  • The production capacity can be adjusted according to customer requirements

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