Continuous Casting and Rolling

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Product introduction

Rolling Mill Capacity: More than 100,000 tpy

Starting Billet Size: 60mm * 60mm - 150mm * 150mm. (Starting from scrap steel is OK, too.)

Finished Product: Angle steels, wire rods, steel bars, flat steel, 5.5 - 32mm

Steel Grade: Low, medium, carbon steel, stainless steel & alloyed steel

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Product Features

1. Judian Continuous casting and rolling wires/profile production line is a turn-key project customized by our company according to customer demands. It has the advantages of less manpower, big production capacity, full automation, etc. It is suitable for the production of steel rebar, wires, or profiles steel above 5T/H;

2. The whole set of equipment consists of an induction melting furnace, a billet continuous casting machine, a billet reheating furnace, a rough rolling mill, several continuous rolling mills, shears, a cooling bed, and a packing platform;

3. Due to the big production capacity, the treated steel liquid is transferred to CCM by steel ladle to casting continuously. The steel billet out of the CCM uses the hydraulic metal shear or flame cutter to cut the required length, the finished steel billet can be directly into the cooling bed cooling stacking, or enter the induction reheating furnace to 1,150℃ to achieve continuous casting and rolling;

4. Continuous rolling plant low carbon steel product annual production capacity about 30,000-100,000Tons. Finished product ratio 92%;

5. Normally the billet produced by CCM can feed into the rough rolling mill directly, if the billet size is smaller than 100*100mm, should add the Billet Re-heating furnace, reheat the billet and make the temperature over 1,150 degrees. The qualified billet is fed to the rough rolling mill by roller conveyor, here could adopt an Auto tilting roller conveyor to feed the billet automatically. According to different production capacities and final product sizes, the rough rolling mill suggests processing billet 3-7 times. After rough rolling, it is necessary to use high-pressure water to peel off the oxide skin on the surface of rolled parts;

6. After the Rough rolling mill, the billet will transfer to Cutting shears by roller to cut the front cooled billet, making it easier to feed into the next continuous rolling mill. At the same time, to ensure the proper final product length and suit the cooling bed, Cutting shear will also cut the rolling parts in multiples. The function of Shears after rough rolling mill: 1. In normal cases, cut off the front cooled billet head and segment it to make them basically meet the requirements of the multiplied product length. 2. In the case of an emergency cut off the rolled billets;

7. The sheared round billet enters the continuous rolling mill, each mill only passes one time. The final product output speed from the finish rolling mill is 6-10m/s. And the number of continuous rolling mills is determined according to the minimum size of the final processed product.

Product Parameters

Specification and Technical Parameter
Model Power Rolling Speed Feed Section Rolling Specification
H200-2 90KW 1.5 30*30 1.5
H220-2 95KW 1.5-2 40*40 1.5-2
H250-3 180KW 1.8-2.5 50*50 1.8-2.5
H250-4 315/240KW 2.5-4 60*60 2.5-4
H250-5 500KW 2.5-5 50*50 2.5-5
H280-5 630KW 2-2.5 70*70 2-2.5
H300-5 680KW 2-2.5 90*90 2-2.5
H350-5 800KW 2-2.5 90*90 2-2.5


Our Services

  • The basic layout of equipment and plant layout can be provided;
  • Provide after-sales service. We have installation engineers stationed overseas all year round, who can go to your factory to install and debug the machine;
  • Competitive price and reliable quality;
  • Our machines are easy to operate and maintain;
  • The equipment has stable performance and has been running stably in many countries around the world for more than 5 years;
  • Suitable production solutions can be customized according to different customer needs;
  • The production capacity can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

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