Metal rolling production line

Metal rolling production line

Steel rolling is a continuous and uninterrupted operation
Metal rolling production line The steel belt runs quickly on the roller table, and automated equipment brings high efficiency. Compared with hot rolling, the processing lines of cold rolling mills are more dispersed.

Steel Rolling Line Purchasing Guide
China's manufacturing industry is full of strong and stable exporters.

"Ferrous metal rolling fluid" mostly refers to the lubricant or coolant used in the rolling process of ferrous metals (such as steel).

The choice of ferrous metal rolling fluid depends largely on the detailed processing requirements and characteristics of the metal material. These fluids play an important role in the rolling process, reducing wear, extending equipment life, improving product quality, and being environmentally friendly.

Metal processing technology

The process of joining two or more metal parts into a whole by welding or pressure.
Cutting: The process of cutting metal into the desired shape using cutting equipment (such as laser cutting, flame cutting, etc
Metal Material:

New metal materials:

including metal-based composite materials, metal-based nanomaterials, etc., which have excellent properties in terms of strength, corrosion resistance, conductivity, etc.
Surface treatment technology:
Advanced processing technology:

CNC machining:

The technology of applying CNC equipment to complete fine processing.
3D printing: A technology that uses layer-by-layer accumulation to produce metal parts.
Laser processing: Technology that uses laser beams to cut, weld or surface-treat metal.
New material usage scope:


Metal rolling production line Including the demand for high-strength, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant materials in aviation engines, aircraft structures, and other fields.
Automotive production: demand for lightweight, high-strength, wear-resistant materials.
The development of metal processing and new materials fields is closely related to technological progress, which continues to promote the development and innovation of various industrial fields.

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