Preparation work and precautions of steel rolling production line

Today we continue to share knowledge about rolling lines.

The first is what we need to do before each rolling. For example, in the production of each product, preparations should be made from the roll change. In order to ensure the normal operation of rolling production, the position of the rolls, the main and auxiliary components of the rolling mill and related equipment must be checked before rolling. The structure of the rolling mill is different, and the items that need to be checked are also different. Generally, the items that must be checked are:

1. Roll, consider the position of the roll after the roll jump;

2. For rolling mill components, check various rolling mill components according to the technical regulations;

3. For rolling mill accessories, check the rolling mill accessories according to technical specifications and actual experience;

4. Auxiliary equipment, to ensure that each auxiliary equipment is correct.

After the inspection is completed, we need to start the rolling mill for experimental operation. In this link, the following items need to be paid attention to:

1. According to the main motor starting operation management system and rolling mill operation technical operation rules, notify all relevant posts to achieve safe starting and safe operation.

2. Supply cooling water before running, after a period of idling, check whether the rolling mill is running normally, check whether the temperature rise of various bearings is normal, and see if there is any abnormal phenomenon of overheating and deformation.

3. Prepare the test rolling material in advance, tap the steel at a slow speed, and do not roll the rolling stock below the specified temperature, so as not to cause the main motor to trip or the safety device to be damaged.

4. During the trial rolling process, measure the size of each red billet, and check whether the size is correct and the surface quality is good according to the adjustment icon. Only after the trial rolling is qualified can it enter into normal production.

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