Continuous Casting Production Line Operation Intruction

In steel casting industry, continuous casting is a production process that transforms high-temperature molten steel from a liquid state into a qualified billet. The production process of continuous casting is very complicated. Today, Luoyang Judian will introduce some knowledge about the operation position of continuous casting production line.

continuous casting

During the production process, many kinds of raw materials and auxiliary materials are used. The current operation process includes tundish pouring, pouring abnormal identification and disposal, online replacement of nozzles, etc.

These procedures should be completed by employees next to the machine. It must ensure that the employees cannot leave the operation site for 24 hours. Because the production site is generally of high temperature, dusty, noisy, and the working environment is relatively poor, it will have some impact on the health of the operators.

The operation of the continuous casting and pouring of traditional steel plants is labor-intensive. Generally, more than 80% of the working time is spent outdoors. And because of the extensive use of manual operation control, the abnormal conditions of the crystallizer during the pouring process are intricate and complicated, so there are high requirements on the operators.

If the operator's skill level is uneven, especially when an abnormal situation occurs during the pouring process, the operator cannot handle the problem in a timely and correct manner, which will affect the production efficiency of the entire production line. What’s worse, it may even cause the accident to magnify and turn into a production accident.

Therefore, regarding the continuous casting production line, any job position must focus on pre-job training for employees, not only about operational skills, but also to let employees develop the awareness of safe production. Only in this way can our production line be able to Stable, long-term production.

With the rapid development of the technology, the continuous casting production line now is more stable, more effective, and costs less. Luoyang Judian is a professional manufacturer of continuous casting machines. We can provide customized products for you!

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