Causes of Rolls and Roll Breaks in Continuous Rolling Mills

In the rolling production line, whether it is hot rolling or cold rolling process, the roll is the direct tool to realize the metal deformation during the rolling process. Therefore, the rolling production line has high requirements on the roll quality of the rolling mill.

Rollers generally have requirements for strength, hardness and certain heat resistance.

Strength is the most basic quality index. To make the roll have sufficient strength, it is mainly considered from the selection of the material of the roll and the determination of the reasonable structure and size of the roll.

Hardness usually refers to the hardness of the working surface of the roll, and it is also the main index of the roll, which determines the wear resistance of the roll. The hardness can determine the service life of the roll to a certain extent.

Then there is the heat resistance of the roll, which can be met by selecting different materials or performing some heat treatment on the surface of the roll.

It should be noted that when the strength of the roll meets the requirements, it must also have certain wear resistance and impact toughness to ensure the quality and precision of the product.

Of course, in the process of production line work, there will also be roll breakage. The editor of Judian has summarized the reasons, which are probably as follows:

1. Improper cooling of the roll. For example, after the closed water rolling is completed, the cooling water is supplied too early and too quickly.

2. The rollers are not installed correctly, resulting in uneven stress during work.

3. When rolling, the temperature of the steel is too low, which increases the deformation resistance, and the rolling force exceeds the strength limit of the roll.

4. The grooves of the rolls are deep, and the working diameter of the rolls is too small, resulting in poor internal quality and insufficient strength of the rolls, resulting in problems such as stress concentration.

All of the above situations will cause roll breakage. In order to avoid unnecessary roll breakage accidents and prolong the service life of the rolls, the technical operating procedures should be carefully implemented and technical management should be strengthened.

This is what we share today about the knowledge of tandem mill rolls, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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