Analysis of some technologies for rolling steel production

Today, the metallurgical industry occupies an increasingly important position in the manufacturing field, and metallurgy is involved in many fields.

Steel rolling belongs to metal pressure processing. The method of rolling steel can be divided into hot rolling and cold rolling according to the different rolling temperature.

Hot rolling process: The billet from the steel mill is only a semi-finished product, and it must be rolled in the rolling mill before it can become a qualified product. The continuous casting billet sent from the steel mill first enters the heating furnace, and then enters the finishing mill after repeated rolling in the blooming mill.

Cold rolling process: The steel coils sent from the hot rolling mill must first undergo three consecutive technical treatments. First, the oxide film is removed with hydrochloric acid, and then it can be sent to the cold rolling mill.

On the cold rolling mill, the coil is opened by the decoiler, and then the strip is introduced into the tandem stand to be rolled into thin coils.

There are also ordinary steel strip coils of different specifications, which are processed according to the various requirements of users.

The controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology for bar production requires specially designed coolers. The bar rolling mill realizes temperature-controlled rolling of the rolling stock between stands and units, and improves the strength and toughness of the bar.

Cold rolling, hot rolling, plate shape control technology.

Including: design and optimization of roll shape; strip steel shape online detection, signal identification and shape evaluation; shape control strategy and preset, feedforward, feedback mathematical model.

And rolls are more and more widely used in the metallurgical industry. The quality of the roll affects the normal operation, effect and efficiency of the machine tool.

And do you know what kinds of classification rolls can be divided into according to different types? Let's take a detailed look at its specific classification as follows, so that you can better understand the roll.

According to the type of rolling mill, the rolls can be divided into the following three categories:

Category 1

The flat roll, that is, the roll of the strip mill, has a cylindrical body.

Generally, the rolls of the hot-rolled steel mill are made into a slightly concave shape, and when heated and expanded, a better shape can be obtained; the rolls of the cold-rolled steel mill are made into a slightly convex shape, and the rolls are bent during rolling to obtain a good shape. .

Category 2

Rolling rod with tip, it is used for rolling large, medium and small sections, wire rods and blooming.

Grooves are engraved on the roll surface to shape the rolling stock.

Category 3

Special rolls, which are used in special rolling mills such as steel pipe rolling mills, wheel rolling mills, steel ball rolling mills and piercing mills.

The rolls of this rolling mill have various shapes. For example, the rolls rolled by the principle of skew rolling in the steel pipe rolling are conical, waist drum or disc.

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