TMT Steel Bar Rolling Mill Production Line

We, Luoyang Judian, are a manufacturer of rolling mills. Today, I would like to introduce the production of a TMT steel bar rolling mill.

Quenched and self-tempered (QST) rebar was introduced in the late 1970s. These rebars are commonly referred to as thermomechanically treated (TMT) rebars.

Components and Work Process

The TMT rebar mill line is capable of producing 8mm to 40mm TMT rebar.

TMT steel bar rolling mill production line is mainly composed of rolls, a rolling mill room, a bearing group, a bearing, a worktable, a rolling guide, a roll adjustment device, and a roll changing device.

The rebar rolling mill production line is used to produce TMT rebar. The main process is: after the scrap steel is smelted, it is cast into a billet through a continuous casting machine, and the billet is hot rolled back and forth into the rough rolling unit by the conveyor roller, and then enters the rolling device. Forming; the hot-rolled finished steel enters the cooling bed for cooling, straightening, cutting, stacking, packaging, weighing, and storage.

Parameters of TMT Steel Bar Rolling Mill

1) Annual production capacity: 30,000 ~ 600,000 tons

2) Raw material: scrap steel, 150*150 billet

3) Finished products: Ø8×2, Ø10×2, Ø12, Ø14, Ø16, Ø18, Ø20, Ø22, Ø25, Ø32mm steel bars

4) Rolling steel grades: low carbon alloy steel, stainless steel, ordinary carbon steel


Compact structure and good strength;

The unique vortex water cooling is adopted, the cooling is uniform and sufficient, and the cooling effect is good;

Depending on the pressure state, the corresponding pressure can be adjusted according to different rolling processes, and the operation is simple and easy to observe;

The lateral movement of the frame is adjustable, the line adjustment is convenient, the performance is good, and the accident handling is convenient and quick;

The design of the secondary counterattack water cleaning device has a good cleaning effect;

The comprehensive mechanical properties of rolled products are significantly improved, the appearance is beautiful, and the strip is straight;

The quenching and self-tempering treatment of steel bars is a heat treatment process of rapidly quenching the hot steel bars from the previous rolling mill stand with water.

This quenching and self-tempering process changes the material structure to a composite structure of a ductile ferritic pearlite composition in the core and a tough surface edge of tempered martensite, providing high strength, ductility, bendability and The best combination of other desired properties.

TMT steel bar rolling mill

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