What are the benefits of continuous casting?

What are the benefits of continuous casting?Productivity and product quality of continuous casting machines

The continuous casting machine is a key equipment for continuous casting of molten steel and has been in commercial use since the 1950s.

What are the benefits of continuous casting? It solidifies molten steel into semi-finished steel products such as billets, blooms and slabs, which are then rolled through hot rolling mills.

However, high casting speeds may cause some problems. For example, the increased molten steel flow rate may interfere with the formation of the solidifying shell in the crystallizer, hinder the floating of inclusions, and even cause cracks on the surface of the slab.

To solve these problems, the flow pattern in the crystallizer can be controlled by changing the nozzle design, applying electromagnetic stirring, changing the continuous casting powder, etc.

In this case, the hydrostatic pressure of the molten iron in the liquid pool below the crystallizer may produce excessive film strains in the thin shell, resulting in the appearance of cracks and cracks.

Therefore, for most steel grades, the critical shell thickness must be around 3 mm. Only by handling these details well can we make full use of the continuous casting machine process, thereby improving production operation efficiency and improving product quality.

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