Cause Analysis of Rolling Mill Vibration Faults

Different types of failures will occur when the steel rolling machinery is in the production and operation state for a long time, which will have a negative impact on the stable operation of the equipment, normal production, and product quality. One of the most common faults is rolling mill vibration. If it is not dealt with in time, it will cause other faults, which will greatly reduce the quality, efficiency, and safety of steel rolling production.

Judian Rolling Mill Vibration

Common Faults of Rolling Mill Vibration

Abnormal Vibration of the Rotor

The abnormal vibration of the rotor mainly includes poor assembly quality and the bending of the shaft. If the rotor is not properly assembled in the steel rolling machinery, the abnormal vibration of the rotor will occur, causing the equipment load and the operating temperature of the equipment, especially the bearing temperature, to be unable to maintain stability, and eventually, the abnormal vibration of the rotor will be further aggravated, and even cause loosening of the connection in severe cases. The looseness of the rotor will further affect the stability of the rotating shaft and seriously damage the rotor and bearings. When the rotor is damaged, the frequency will be difficult to maintain stability, which will lead to equipment damage.

Motor Vibration of Rolling Mill Caused by Electrical Faults

Electrical reasons such as a serious unbalanced current of each phase of the motor, loose rotor bars, and loose stator coils may cause the vibration of the motor. In addition to causing motor vibration, electrical faults are generally accompanied by increased heating and operating temperature of the motor, further aggravating electrical faults, causing more serious electrical accidents and even burning out the motor.

Rolling Mill Gear Mechanical Vibration

As heavy industrial equipment, steel rolling machinery needs to withstand greater pressure during operation, and the gears are subjected to greater force and severe load impacts. Over time, tooth surface wear, tooth surface pitting, and even tooth breakage occur. The above problems will cause abnormal vibration of mechanical equipment, which will affect the service life and use effect of gears, and ultimately have a negative impact on the overall operation of steel rolling machinery and equipment.

Rolling Bearing Vibration

In steel rolling mills, rolling bearings are also the main components of the equipment. The vibration phenomenon of rolling bearings is mainly caused by local impact pitting of bearings and increased bearing clearance due to excessive impact loads, which eventually leads to abnormal vibration problems.

Management and Maintenance of Rolling Mill Vibration

Control the Parts and Installation Accuracy of the Rolling Mill

In the process of designing and processing machinery and equipment, we should respect the actual needs, do a good job in the design and processing of each component, and then insist on processing based on the contents of the drawings in the specific construction. After all the processing work is completed, the steel rolling machinery and equipment can be assembled, and the precision of each link is strengthened to ensure that each component is installed accurately, to avoid problems such as installation errors and disordered sequences, and to ensure assembly accuracy and assembly quality.

Real-Time Monitoring of the Status of Important Parts in the Equipment

Sensors can be used to monitor the vibration of important steel rolling machinery and equipment. For example, monitoring equipment is installed at various places such as equipment terminal actuators, reducers, and bearing installation positions to ensure that abnormal vibrations of equipment are discovered the first time and timely measures are taken. Avoid serious consequences.

Do Regular Maintenance

In the actual production process, it is necessary to regularly maintain and track the operation status of the steel rolling machinery and equipment, optimize and upgrade the steel rolling machinery and equipment, and ensure that the operation status of the machinery equipment is always maintained in a good state. At the same time, regular maintenance can achieve the effect of preventing equipment failure, improving the reliability and stability of mechanical equipment operation, and greatly reducing the probability of problems. Reasonable regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the equipment and realize the optimization of equipment operation.

In Summary

In the process of steel rolling production, it is necessary to pay high attention to the vibration of the rolling mill, analyze the causes of the vibration objectively and comprehensively, make accurate vibration fault judgments, and take targeted measures to improve the stability of the rolling machine operation to ensure the quality, efficiency, and safety of rolling steel production.

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