Continuous Casting Preparation

In the steel casting industry, continuous casting is a complex production process that converts high-temperature molten steel from liquid to qualified steel billets Continuous Casting Preparation.

Continuous Casting Preparation

In the continuous casting production process, a wide variety of raw materials and auxiliary materials are used.

The current operation process includes tundish pouring, pouring abnormality identification and processing, online nozzle replacement, etc. These processes require employees to complete them next to the machine, and employees must stay at the operation site for 24 hours.

Since the production site is usually hot, dusty, and noisy, the working environment is relatively harsh, which will have a certain impact on the health of the operator.

Therefore, for the continuous casting production line, each position needs to focus on pre-job training for employees.

Not only should we focus on the cultivation of operating skills, but also on cultivating employees' safety awareness Continuous Casting Preparation.

Only in this way can our production line operate stably and efficiently for a long time.

With the rapid development of technology, modern continuous casting production lines have become more stable, efficient, and less costly Continuous Casting Preparation.

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