Continuous rolling mill

continuous rolling mill

1. Efficient production:

Continuous rolling mill can realize the continuous production of Rebar, steel bar, angle steel or profiles. Compared with the intermittent rolling process, the production efficiency is higher.

2. Save raw materials:

Continuous rolling mill can control the thickness and shape of metal materials, reduce waste and defective products during processing, and improve raw material utilization.

3. Stable quality:

During the continuous rolling process, the metal material is in a stable state, which is conducive to maintaining the consistency of product size and quality.

4. Easy to operate:

Compared with the traditional intermittent rolling process, the continuous rolling process has a high degree of automation, is simple to operate, reduces manual intervention, and reduces the impact of human factors on product quality.

5. Wide scope of application:

Continuous rolling can be used to process various metal materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, etc., and is suitable for products of different shapes and sizes.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection:

Compared with traditional processes, the continuous rolling process can reduce energy consumption and produce less waste water, exhaust gas and other pollutants, which meets environmental protection requirements.

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