Horizontal and tandem types of rolling mills

On the steel rolling production line, there are two common rolling mills: tandem rolling mill and tandem rolling mill. Today, the editor of Judian will introduce these two rolling mills to you.

The first is the tandem rolling mill, and the structure is generally three-roll or two-roll alternating. It is mainly used to produce various section steels, wire rods, narrow strips, and small rigid billets. The main features of the tandem mill are:

 A train of rolling mills is driven by an electric motor. The rolling speed of each rolling mill is the same, and the rolling speed cannot be increased with the increase of the length of the rolling stock, so the output is low and the labor productivity is low.

The mill operates as shuttle rolling or looper rolling. Each rolling mill can roll several passes, with flexible deformation, strong adaptability, a wide range of product varieties, and easy operation.

In order to overcome the disadvantage that the speed of the tandem mill cannot be adjusted, there will be multiple tandem mills. Such as two-row tandem, three-row tandem rolling mill and so on.

Because the equipment of the tandem rolling mill is relatively simple, the investment is small, and the construction of the factory is fast, so it is the main equipment of small and medium-sized steel rolling enterprises.

Then we introduce the tandem mill.

The tandem rolling mills are arranged in a row according to the rolling direction of the rolling stock. The rolling stock is rolled only once on each rolling mill. Each rolling mill is driven separately. The reduction of the section or the increase of the length of the rolled piece increases.

When the tandem rolling mill is working, the rolling stock enters each rolling mill and lengthens as the number of rolling passes increases, and the distance between the stands increases with the increase in the length of the rolling stock.

Compared with the tandem rolling mill, this rolling mill has the advantages of short gap time, high production efficiency and less auxiliary equipment.

The tandem rolling mill occupies a relatively large area, so it has relatively high requirements for the workshop. Only suitable for large and medium section steel production.

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