Why Do Steel Plants Choose Small Rolling Mills?

Judian Small Rolling Mill

There are many small steel plants that need to purchase steel rolling mills. Because of the limitation of the market, they usually take small rolling mills into consideration. In fact, this choice is actually a lack of rational analysis for the rolling mill market investigation.

In new referrals to small rolling mills, the factory price is not high, of course, this is for second-hand machinery after the trading company price is relatively higher, but in fact not many new machines and second-hand price range, relative to the new equipment, due to the mechanical rolling mill belong to continue to work, to consume all the time, The performance is definitely decreased, including the control of the service life of the motor, the wear of the host roll and other factors need to be taken into account, so the total account, how to buy old second-hand machinery is not a good deal.

Although the type of small rolling mill is small, it is better in the diversification of functions. At the same time as rolling, it can also roll small wires. This rolling mill product can eliminate the process of rolling by replacing the roll of the finishing mill, and reduce the labor force and capital of production enterprises. The prestressed rolling mill frame and the adjustment of the upper, middle, and lower roller systems can ensure the good quality of the wire rod produced. This kind of rolling mill is most suitable for small steel wire rod production enterprises.

This small rolling mill was not favored by the market, and has just launched the production enterprise itself can't guarantee we can rely on the rolling mill can occupy the market share, but through the market survey, the market demand for small wire HouXuLi is very powerful, because of the large wire manufacturing enterprises are generally made of engineering wire rod rolling, The required rolling mill is a large number, the second is the high output efficiency, the third is the face of large developers or social infrastructure and other customers. This small rolling mill investment is small, very suitable for some small investment companies to manufacture.

There are many types of rolling mills, we know in detail the main billet mill, billet mill, section mill, hot rolling strip mill, cold rolling strip mill, steel tube mill, special purpose rolling mill, and so on. These mills are basically listed according to the section of the products rolled by the rolling mill, so the size of the rolling mill depends on the section size of the products rolled by it.

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