How to Choose A Professional Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturer?

There are currently many continuous casting machine manufacturers in the world. They can provide a variety of CCM. Many small steel factories are very confused when choosing a continuous casting machine manufacturer. Today, Judian will explain to you what a professional continuous casting machine manufacturer looks like.

A professional continuous casting machine manufacturer must have these four characteristics: can produce high-quality products, owes a professional technical team, can provide systematic solution, and has a complete after-sales service system.

High-quality Product

A professional CCM manufacturer must be able to produce high-quality products. A high-quality continuous casting machine not only refers to machines that are not easy to fail, but also can run smoothly and safely. At the same time, professional continuous casting machine manufacturers should also be able to produce a series of billets including square billets, rectangular billets, and round billets. In this way, it can meet the different needs of different steel plants.

Judian Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturer

On the basis of strong technology research and development cooperation, Luoyang Judian has created a number of advanced technologies. What’s more, Luoyang Judian has passed ISO9001, CE product certification to ensure the product quality.

Professional Technical Team

Professional technical teams can not only solve after-sales problems, but also have various problems that appear and may occur in the early stage of installation and commissioning. Judian has more than 20 years of industry work experience installation, commissioning and maintenance technical team to provide live technical service support for domestic and foreign customers.

Provide System Solution

A professional continuous casting machine manufacturer can provide a comprehensive solution. It can tailor the suitable products for customers based on the specific situation of each customer. At the same time, it should also provide customers with on-site technical service support. Think of what customers think.

A Good After-sales Service

On the one hand, professional manufacturers can provide timely, rapid and high-quality services. If the device fails, manufacturers should be able to provide telephone service support at any time, and cooperate with customers to perform equipment maintenance and failure exclusion. On the other hand, a continuous casting machine manufacturer should accept the technical consultations on hardware operations at any time, timely answer the technical problems encountered by customers, and provide technical exchanges with customers. Moreover, manufacturers should regularly assist customers to maintain the equipment.

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