How to Save Costs with Steel Bar Rolling Mill?

A steel bar rolling mill is an important piece of equipment in most steel rolling mills. The steel bar production line is currently one of the industries with high pollution and high energy consumption. This type of steel rolling equipment has a large power and consumes a large amount of energy in the steel rolling production line.

Reducing the energy consumption of steel bar rolling mills in the production process is the key to effectively controlling production costs and improving corporate efficiency. How to save energy when using a steel bar rolling mill? How can energy conservation save money? Today, let’s discuss it together.

Judian Steel Bar Rolling Mill

Billet Heating of Steel Bar Rolling Mill

1) Regenerative combustion technology

Regenerative combustion technology Compared with heating furnaces without waste heat recovery, regenerative heating furnaces can save more than 40% of energy. However, due to its high investment cost, energy saving does not save money. Recently, it has been recommended to use dual heat storage (simultaneously preheating gas and air to 1000°C) technology for heating furnaces to utilize surplus blast furnace gas. The efficiency is higher than 70% and the energy saving is obvious.

In recent years, due to the emergence of induction heating furnaces, the heating efficiency of steel billets has been improved again, and the cost has been further controlled.

2) Energy-saving coatings

Energy-saving coatings use the principle of far-infrared radiation to spray the coating on the surface of refractory materials of various high-temperature furnaces to increase spectral emissivity and furnace heat transfer, which can save 5%-10% of energy. At present, many domestic steel rolling heating furnaces Use this technology.

3) Walking furnace and vaporization cooling technology

The walking furnace can reduce the heating time of steel billet and reduce oxidation and burning loss. Evaporation cooling can reduce the water used for steel rolling and can recycle production steam. In recent years, it has been gradually promoted and applied in newly built heating furnaces.

Hot Charging, Hot Feeding, and Low Temperature Rolling Technology

Hot charging and hot-transfer technology can shorten the time the steel billet is in the furnace and shorten the production cycle. Low-temperature rolling technology can help reduce the temperature of steel billets coming out of the furnace, reduce the energy consumption of the steel rolling system, and achieve system energy saving. In recent years, the steel rolling system has been greatly promoted.

Motor Energy-Saving Technology

The energy consumption of rough rolling mills, finishing mills, roller tables, fans, water pumps, and other equipment is mainly electricity consumption, and motors are key equipment. The motor design avoids the need for large pulleys and small carts. The motors are optimized and designed, and variable frequency speed regulation technology is used during operation. Through motor energy-saving technology, 20%-40% of electricity can be saved.

Optimize the Steel Bar Rolling Machine and Production Line

1) Use appropriate steel rolling raw materials, reduce the number of rolling passes, and optimize pass design. If continuous rolling can meet the output requirements, there is no need to carry out billet rolling or rough rolling.

2) During the continuous rolling process, it is necessary to control the deformation of the rolled piece as much as possible to minimize the rolling range of the rolled piece entering the rolling mill. The larger the raw material specifications, the more corresponding rolling passes.

3) Strengthen classified rolling and classify raw material billets. Those with similar materials can be divided into one category. This will control the steel rolling production process and increase the output a lot. It is also an effective measure to reduce power consumption for rolling mills.

4) Please use an energy-saving rolling mill. The energy-saving rolling mill is a new generation of steel rolling equipment developed by Luoyang Judian. Compared with traditional rolling mills, it can significantly save energy and reduce consumption. The key to energy saving of the rolling mill is to use four-row, double-column self-aligning rolling bearings to support the rolls, which can save about 15-30% of energy under the same working conditions.


The above are the measures that can save the costs of the steel bar rolling machine. If you want to buy a high-quality and cost-saving steel bar rolling machine, please contact us.

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