Long Flow Steelmaking

Long flow steelmaking is a traditional steel production process, and its production process covers all aspects from ore to finished steel.

Long Flow Steelmaking Process

Iron Ore Mining and Beneficiation

The source of the long-process steelmaking process is the mining and beneficiation of iron ore. After mining the iron ore, we will first select high-quality iron concentrate through the beneficiation process. Then go to the next step.


After the iron concentrate is sintered or pelletized, it is sent to the blast furnace for iron making. And, molten iron is obtained through a reduction reaction. During the ironmaking process, flux needs to be added to remove impurities in the molten iron.


The molten iron is passed through a converter or electric arc furnace to make steel, impurities in the molten iron are removed, and alloying elements are added to obtain molten steel. During the steelmaking process, decarburization, deoxidation, degassing, and other treatments are required to ensure the quality of molten steel.

Molten Steel Refining

The molten steel is further processed through the refining furnace, including deoxidation, degassing, impurity removal, etc., to improve the quality of the steel.

Continuous Casting

The refined molten steel is continuously cast into billets or steel ingots through a continuous casting machine. During the continuous casting process, temperature control and crystallization control of molten steel are required to ensure the mechanical properties of the steel.


The steel billets or steel ingots obtained by continuous casting are processed into steel products of various specifications through hot rolling mills. During the rolling process, different process controls are required according to steel materials of different specifications and uses to ensure the performance and surface quality of the steel materials.

Advantages of Long-flow Steelmaking

Mature Technology

The long-process steelmaking technology is mature, the production process is stable, and it can produce high-quality steel.

Economies of Scale

The long-process steelmaking process is suitable for large-scale production and can reduce production costs.


The long-process steelmaking process can adjust product types and specifications according to market demand and produce different steel products.

What Can Judian Do

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