Process and manufacturer of steel bar production line

In the rebar production line, the rolling process can increase the pressure on the steel, and in the case of high temperature, you can finally get the rebar product you want. Such as steel plate, strip steel, wire rod and various types of steel.

Steel rolling is a continuous and uninterrupted operation. The steel strip runs fast on the roller table, and the equipment has a high degree of automation and high efficiency.

When using rolling equipment, the internal structure of the steel can be improved. Pipeline steel, rebar, and rebar are all processed through the rolling process.

There are many types of products produced by rolling steel, with different specifications. Some products are produced after many times of rolling, so rolling production is usually divided into two categories: semi-finished product production and finished product production.

The billets from the steel mill are only semi-finished products, and they must be rolled in the rolling mill before they can become qualified products.

The continuous casting billet sent from the steel mill first enters the heating furnace, and then enters the finishing mill after repeated rolling in the blooming mill.

Steel rolling belongs to metal pressure processing, just like making noodles. After multiple extrusions and advancements by the machine, the noodles become thinner and thinner.

In a hot rolling line, the billet heats the billet, softens it, and is fed into the rolling mill by the roller table, where it is finally rolled to the size required by the user.

Ingots from the open hearth furnace can also become steel plates, but they must first be heated and bloomed before being sent to the hot rolling line for rolling.

Here we can use continuous casting billets. Generally, the thickness of the continuous casting slab is 150-250mm, which is first dephosphorized to the rough rolling, and then enters the finishing mill through the roller table.

The finishing mill consists of seven 4-high rolling mills, with speed measuring rolls and flying shears installed in front of the machine, and the head of the plate is cut off.

In steel rolling production, there are some common accidents.

Mainly because of the following aspects: complex environment, non-interaction between humans and machines, and illegal operations.

Steelmaking is often steelmaking slag in steel plants. The production environment is very complex, the dust content in the air is also very high, and the working environment is quite harsh.

In the process of production, we must follow the process specifications and take protective measures at the same time. Luoyang Judian is a manufacturer of steel rolling production lines. You can follow us and contact us at any time if you need it.

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