Steel rolling production: wear and tear of rolling mills and rolls

Today we continue to talk about rolling steel production and equipment,

A rolling mill is a device used to realize the rolling process of metal, that is, through a strong pressure, the material is deformed to obtain the desired shape.

Therefore, it can be used to manufacture various blanks and profiles. A rolling mill, as the name suggests, rolls steel and shapes it. After technology introduction and self-development, the rolling mill industry is already a very mature technology industry in our country. How to maintain and use the rolling mill more efficiently is what we will focus on in this article.

A well-known thing is that the rolling mill equipment is rarely heard of useful or bad, and it is basically the damage of consumable parts.

For example, rolls, reduction and other devices, rolls in different production lines, the working conditions of the rolls are also different, such as hot continuous rolling, the rolls are subjected to great impact force and high temperature, which will inevitably affect the life of the rolls.

Here we are going to talk about how to maintain the rolling mill. Just like a car, when it runs for a period of time, it needs to be maintained.

The maintenance process required by our rolls is different. In fact, we can maintain it in a few simple steps in the workshop. The hot continuous rolling rolls are cooled down. This cooling is not simply watering.

When the rolling mill stops working, press down the screw, and keep the balance device in a relaxed state as far as possible.

Rolling mill bearings have a small friction coefficient, sufficient strength and rigidity, and are easy to replace rolls.

Different rolling mills use different types of roll bearings. Rolling bearings have high rigidity and small friction coefficient, but have small pressure bearing capacity and large external dimensions. They are mostly used for strip mill work rolls.

There are two types of sliding bearings: semi-dry friction and liquid friction. Semi-dry friction roller bearings are mainly bakelite, copper tile and nylon tile bearings, which are relatively cheap and are mostly used in profile rolling mills and billeting machines.

We, Judian, are a professional manufacturer of rolling mills. You can follow us to learn more about rolling mills.

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