2 Key Steps of Hot Rolling Process of Steel

The entire hot rolling process of steel is as below.

Billet checking→Billet heating→Rolling→Double length shearing→Cooling→Shearing→Inspection→Packaging→Measurement→Warehousing

Today we will learn about the billet checking and billet heating.

Billet checking: The quality of the billet is the key to the quality of the finished product, so we must processing billet checking.

① Billet checking procedure includes physical card verification, external dimension measurement, surface quality inspection, and recording.

② We should do the billet checking basing on the billet technical standards and internal control technical conditions. No unqualified billets stay in the heating furnace.

Billet heating: This is an important step in the hot rolling process of steel.

① Purpose of billet heating

The purpose of billet heating is to improve the plasticity of the steel and reduce the deformation resistance to facilitate rolling. The correct heating process can also eliminate or reduce the internal structural defects of the billet. The heating process of steel is directly related to various technical and economic indicators such as steel quality, rolling mill output, energy consumption, and rolling mill life.

② Three-stage continuous heating furnace. The three sections include preheating section, heating section and soaking section.

The function of the preheating section: use the waste heat of the heating flue gas to preheat the billet to save fuel. (Generally to 300~450℃)

The function of the heating section: heat the preheated billet to 1150-1250℃. It is the main part of the heating furnace and determines the heating capacity of the heating furnace.

The function of the soaking section: reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the billet, eliminate the black mark of the water-cooled slide, and stabilize and evenly heat the quality.

This is what we share today about the 2 key steps of the hot rolling process of steel. Welcome to Luoyang Judian, let us provide you with more services.

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