molten steel
how is rebar made,In fact, this method also makes the flow of molten steel smoother.

Rough grinding section
Another key point is that after the rebar leaves the continuous caster, it enters the roughing mill.

Middle part and finishing part
After passing through the roughing mill section, the billet passes through the middle section of the rolling mill. As it passes through the frame, in this section, the billet starts to be formed into a bar.
A high-tech enterprise that produces hot steel bar rolling mills and continuous casting machines.
The advantages of continuous casting include high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and good product quality.

Continuous casting and rolling is a production method that combines continuous casting and continuous rolling processes. It can complete a complete and continuous production process, from molten metal to the forming of the final product, all on a continuous production line. Continuous casting and rolling can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and costs, and produce more stable product quality.
Generally speaking, continuous casting and rolling technology improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, and improves product quality and consistency by realizing the continuous production of metal materials. Therefore, it plays a key and widespread role in the metal processing industry. prospects for use.

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