Rolling mill prices and rolling costs

The rolling mill is very important to the whole rolling mill, and the price of the rolling mill is generally determined by two aspects.

(1) Size of rolling mill

It is decided according to the production scale and technical requirements of the manufacturer. If high output is required, the model of the rolling mill is relatively large, so when the customer inquires, we need to understand the customer's output first.

(2) Ancillary equipment

Outsourced parts for rolling mills, such as furnaces. These need to be purchased according to the actual needs of users, and the price of some supporting equipment may be more expensive than the price of rolling mills.

Steel rolling production is one of the industries with high pollution and high energy consumption at present. The power of this type of steel rolling equipment is large, and the energy consumption in steel rolling production is also large. How to reduce the energy consumption of the rolling mill in the production process is to effectively control the rolling cost. , the key to improving enterprise efficiency.

To reduce the production cost of the rolling mill, please refer to:

1. Use appropriate rolling raw materials to reduce rolling passes and optimize pass design. If the continuous rolling can meet the output requirements, there is no need for billet rolling or rough rolling.

2. In the continuous rolling process, it is necessary to control the rolling stock as much as possible within the deformation amount to reduce the rolling range of the rolling stock entering the rolling mill. The larger the size of the raw material, the more the corresponding rolling passes.

3. Strengthen the classification and rolling, classify the raw material billets, and the materials with similar materials can be divided into one category, so that the rolling production process can be controlled, the output will be greatly improved, and it is also an effective measure to reduce power consumption for rolling mills.

4. Please use the energy-saving rolling mill. The energy-saving rolling mill is a new generation of steel rolling equipment developed by the Shengong Machinery Technology Department through long-term research and development. Compared with the traditional rolling mill, it can significantly achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

This is what we share today, welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Judian to learn more about steel rolling production.

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