Rolling mill equipment maintenance procedures

Today we will introduce you to the daily maintenance of the rolling mill.

1. Implement the "five-determination" principle of lubrication (fixed point, fixed person, timing, qualitative and quantitative) to ensure that each lubricated part of the rolling mill is in a good lubrication state.

2. Check the adjustment device of the rolling mill (press down, press up, axial positioning, lateral pressure) to ensure flexible adjustment and reliable positioning.

3. Check whether the beam guide device is in good condition, whether the fixed position of the beam, the rolling mill, and the beam guide device is correct and firm.

4. Check whether the water cooling device is complete, whether the cooling water pipe is unblocked, and whether the water pressure and water volume are sufficient.

5. The bearing seat must be filled with special grease before each roller installation. Regularly check the bearing lubrication, and replenish the special grease at any time.

6. Check the sealing of the bearing housing to prevent water or iron oxide and other debris from falling into the bearing housing.

7. Check the cooling water circuit to ensure that the pipeline is smooth and the cooling is good, and ensure that the maximum temperature of the bearing does not exceed 50 °C.

8. Check whether the parts of the bearing seat are complete and intact, and whether the connecting bolts are complete and firm to prevent roller shifting.

9. During the working process, check whether the bearing has heat, vibration, abnormal noise, etc., and deal with the problem in time.

10. The universal joint shaft should be checked for wear at any time, and problems should be found and dealt with in time.

11. Check whether there is any abnormal sound during work, and deal with the problem in time.

12. Check whether safety devices such as safety covers are safe and reliable.

This is what we share today, I hope it can help you.

Welcome to Luoyang Judian and consult us for more information about rolling mills.

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