What Auxiliary Equipment Does the Steel Rolling Mill Production Line Have?

The steel rolling mill is the main equipment of the steel rolling mill production line. In order to make the rolling mill work better, we will configure some auxiliary equipment.

Today, the editor of Judian will introduce the auxiliary equipment of the steel rolling mill production line to you.

Common auxiliary equipment includes descaling equipment after heating furnace, roller table, lifting table, straightening machine, coiling machine, cooling bed, cold scissors, and strapping machine.

Descaling Equipment Steel needs to be descaled before it enters the rolling mill. The descaling equipment is placed behind the heating furnace and sprays high-pressure water onto the surface of the hot-rolled steel to remove scale. Ensuring the cleanliness of the steel surface can reduce the wear of the rolling mill rolls.

Roller tables are used to feed and receive material to be rolled into rolling mill. The roller table is connected to the separation stand of large and medium-sized rolling mills. Due to the constant mechanical impact, the operating conditions of the roller table are relatively poor.

Lifting tables In large three-roll stands, rolling stock needs to be mechanically lifted from the pass line of the middle and bottom rolls to the higher pass lines of the middle and top rolls. For this purpose, the table on either or both sides of the stand can be designed to tilt or lift.

Straighteners help rolled products achieve a certain straightness. The rolling product is passed through a set of staggered rolls, creating a counter-kinematic load of the rolled product, resulting in a redistribution of the plastic strains to ensure the required straightening.

Coiler Coils long coils into coils. Coiling of rolled products facilitates handling and increases throughput.

The cooling bed is located at the end of the rolling mill. A cooling bed is a device that cools rolled products and simultaneously transfers them piece by piece to a roller table where they are transported to the finishing section. It supports and allows the cooling of the hot rolled product in the last stand of the mill.

Cold scissors after the rolled profiles have cooled, they need to be straightened in a roll straightener and cut to sale lengths by cold shears, which are then stacked or bundled.

Bundler For coils, bales and piles. The strapping machine uses commercial size wire for strapping and the head is hydraulically operated. The strapping machine is pneumatically operated and uses commercial steel straps of various widths. The strapping can be run continuously through a clamping or welding process.

This is what we share today about auxiliary equipment of steel rolling mill production line.

Welcome to Luoyang Judian, you can always come to inquire about the rolling mill steel plant and rolling mill machine.

Steel Rolling Mill Production Line

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