What Determines the Price of A Steel Rolling Production Line?

A steel rolling production line generally consists of one or two rows of rough rolling mills, intermediate rolling mills, and finishing mills. These rolling mills have the functions of billet section compression, semi-finished product rolling deformation, and finished product rolling respectively.

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The rolling mill in the steel rolling production line is generally a continuous rolling mill. Continuous rolling mill means that several rolling mill stands are arranged in a row according to the rolling direction. Steel billets or other rolling products are rolled and deformed in several rolling mills at the same time. The rolling speed of each rolling mill will increase with the increase of the length of the rolled piece, and the second flow rate of metal in each rolling mill is basically equal. The continuous rolling mill has high mechanization, automation, rolling speed, and rolling precision, so the labor productivity is high and the product quality is excellent. It is the direction of the transformation and new construction of the bar and wire rolling mill.

The price of a steel rolling production line is mainly determined by the price of the rolling mill. At present, the prices of rolling machines on the market are uneven, so the prices of rolling production lines are also different. So what factors determine the price of rolling mills? Today, Judian will introduce it to you.

The price of rolling mill equipment is generally determined by the size of the rolling mill and the mechanical factors equipped.

The Price of Main Equipment of Steel Rolling Production Line

A rolling mill is equipment that realizes the metal rolling process. Generally, it refers to the equipment that completes the whole process of rolling production, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting, and transportation equipment. The size of the rolling mill is determined according to the production scale and technical requirements of the steel product profile manufacturer. If the productivity is high, the type of rolling mill required is relatively large. If it is a general small-scale processing enterprise, the required rolling mill is small. The manufacturing time of different types of rolling mills is different. That is why many steel rolling production line manufacturers will first ask customers about the expected output. This is the decisive factor to determine the price of the hosting section.

The Price of the Auxiliary Equipment

It is also very important to purchase accessories for rolling mills, such as melting furnaces. If the raw material is scrap iron or scrap steel, we need other equipment. First, smelt it in a melting furnace, cast it into billets, and then roll it into required plates or wires. Therefore, the whole production line needs to add a lot of additional equipment, and the price is naturally high. Another example is the cold bed. For many small rolling mills, the rolling line does not require a cooling bed. You can place the finished product directly in the open space. However, if you want to reduce labor costs, then an automated cooling bed is a must. With the addition of an automatic cooling bed, the price of the entire production line will naturally increase.

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Therefore, the price of a steel rolling production line is uncertain. It's up to the result of a comprehensive evaluation. Judian here suggests that when purchasing a steel rolling production line, plan the output first, and then select auxiliary equipment according to actual needs so that you can buy equipment that meets your requirements at a suitable price. If you have any questions about the steel rolling production line, please contact us without hesitation. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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