About Continuous Casting and Rolling Process, How Much Do You Know?

Nowadays, the continuous casting and rolling technology is widely used in many steel plants. It is an advanced steel making process. Then, about the continuous casting and rolling process, how much do you know?

Heating furnace is the equipment with high energy consumption and pollutant emission in steel production, and it cannot achieve significant energy saving by using traditional technology. Therefore, some special techniques and methods are needed.

Many iron and steel enterprises have tried to roll continuous casting billet directly without heating furnace and hot rolling of continuous casting billet with success. At present, many enterprises have formed large-scale production.

Direct rolling technology of continuous casting billet can be divided into direct hot rolling of continuous casting billet (CC-HDR) and direct rolling of continuous casting billet (CC-DR). The latter is the steel damage does not need heating, do not need to add heat, directly into the mill rolling.

Advantages of Continuous Casting and Rolling Technology

No more heating furnace fuel consumption, energy saving and emission reduction. Economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits are very obvious.

The burning loss caused by the casting billet staying in the heating furnace for a long time is avoided, and the yield of steel products is increased.

Reduce the heating furnace operation cost and maintenance cost.

Key Points of Continuous Casting and Rolling Technology

Implement the production process of hot charging and direct hot rolling.

It involves the coordinated operation of steel making, continuous casting, steel rolling, consistent quality assurance, mechanical and electrical equipment reliability, production scheduling and enterprise management mechanism, etc. It is a comprehensive system project.

Generally speaking, the key points of this advanced technology mainly include the following aspects.

It requires the billet to be sent to the mill as hot as possible. That requires the quality of continuous casting billet to be stable, including the stability of the billet composition control and surface quality control. It is the most critical technology in the process.

The core of the whole process is to quickly transport the high temperature casting defects to the rolling mill to reduce the heat loss of the intermediate link as much as possible.

The process involves the whole production process from smelting, casting, steel rolling, without intermediate buffer link. In the production process, when the conditions change, the processes should also be coordinated to ensure the smooth progress of production.

The above is all about the continuous casting and rolling process. We hope it is helpful to you. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Judian for more information on rolling steel production.

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