Some Common Equipment of steel rolling production line

The steel rolling production line can manufacture all kinds of steel bar products. So in the steel rolling production line, there is a lot of auxiliary equipment, today to introduce to you.

Depending on the product shape and material grade, scissors can be used to cut the front of the bar as it passes through the mill. These are usually flying shears.

The blade is mounted on the rotating cylinder (or drum) and set to a "bootstrap" speed to minimize the "kink" of the rod.

Cooling bed - The colling bed is part of the mill located at the end of the mill.

The cold bed is a device that cools the rolled products and simultaneously transfers them piece by piece to the roller, where they are transported to the finishing section. It supports and allows the hot rolled product at the last stand of the mill to cool.

The cooling bed naturally cools the material and cross-transfers to the discharge end. In the cold bed, the temperature of the entire length of the bar is cooled simultaneously. If not, it creates stress in the steel bars.

The manual cooling bed has an inclination so that the bar moves forward by sliding under the action of gravity. The mechanical cooling bed is rake-type. The length of the cold bed is determined by the maximum runout bar length and optimized through the sale length to minimize crop losses.

The front ends of bars and lightweight profiles are also leveled on the discharge side and a fixed number of rolled pieces are sent for final length cutting by cold shearing and strapping or stacking.

Straightening machine - Straightening machine is used to make the rolled product achieve certain straightness.

Various types of straighteners are roughly divided into three groups: cross-roll straighteners, section straighteners, and stretch straighteners.

This classification is based on the basic principles on which they operate. In the first two types of straighteners, the rolling product is passed through a set of staggered rolls, which creates a reverse motion load of the rolled product, resulting in a redistribution of plastic strain, thus ensuring the desired straightening.

Multi-line straighteners are used with high productivity. The concept is to straighten the cold bed length to reduce feed operations and make better use of the straightening roller drive. Proper alignment and centering of the bar below the roll are essential.

Recent improvements in this area include automatic segmented feeding for straighteners, rapid replacement of roller sets mounted on brackets, and electric roll gap arrangement. And the entire unit installed on the platform can be moved off the production line for maintenance without stopping plant production.

This is our share today, hope it can be helpful to you. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Judian for more information about steel rolling production.

Judian common equipment of steel rolling production line

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