Rolling Mill Project: Africa 10T/H Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line

Case introduction

Fortunately, we designed and helped build a rolling mill project for one of our customers from Africa in 2019. The project is designed to produce 10-32mm rebars of about 60,000 t/a. Below, we will introduce the project in detail.

Judian rolling mill project

Rolling Mill Project Overview

Raw material: Scrap steels

Final product: 12-32mm rebar

Production capacity: 10t/h, 60000 t/a

Related equipment: Induction melting furnace, scrap steel suction plate, charging car, steel ladles, ladle re-heater, billet continuous casting machine, billet cutter, and roller table, etc.

Step 1: Melting the Scrap Steel

The first step of this rolling mill project is melting the scrap steel. What follows is using a ladle to transfer the liquid pouring into a continuous casting machine casting billet, and then, cutting the billet to a fixed length.

Step 2: Rolling the billet to the required rebars

Reheating the billet and feeding the hot billet into rolling mill processing rebars. Related equipment: Induction heating furnace, Rolling mill groups, Cooling bed, Shears, Packing table orbitals, and some other auxiliary equipment.

Why did we choose a continuous rolling mill?

The continuous casting and rolling mill production line is suitable for over 5T/H wires or profile production, for example, wire rods, Rebar, Angle steel, U steel, H steel, etc. The features:

  1. Less manpower demand, fully automatically running.
  2. Big Production capacity, higher investment.
  3. Large factory space, big electricity power demand.

We all know that the continuous casting and rolling production line has a lot of auxiliary equipment, such as cooling beds, various shears, packing tables, and many other tools. Judian is a professional supplier that can provide customers with a turnkey rolling mill project. We sincerely welcome your inquiry or contact and wish to develop a good and long business with you.

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