Armenia 1-3T Horizontal Rolling Mill Steel Rebar Production Line

Case introduction

Project Overview: Making Rebar from Billets

Raw material: Steel billet
Final product: 12-20mm rebar
Production capacity: 1-3T per hour
Production address: Indonesia
Equipment: Horizontal Rolling Mill

Step 1: Why did we choose a horizontal rolling mill?

This rebar production line is flexible for Rebar, Angle steel, U steel, and H steel produce. Have many advantages:

  1. Small capacity, Lower investment.
  2. Small install space & less Electricity power demand.
  3. Flexible to operate, easy to maintain.

We can see from here it is a very good choice for the beginning factory, can help customers quickly earn their money back and familiar with the market.

Step 2: Is a horizontal rolling mill possible to realize automatically?

Many customers want to know whether the equipment can feed billet automatically. Hongteng had designed the auto-feeding table and guiding orbital for billet feeding instead of manual feeding, to save manpower and improve capacity. This design is very popular with customers.

Step 3: Project equipment configuration and startup:

  1. Induction heating furnace (for billet heating)
  2. Closed water cooling tower (for Heating furnace cooling)
  3. H250-4 rolling mill
  4. Rebar cooling bed
  5. Cut to length shear

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