Scrap Rebar Re-processing Hot Rolling Mill Project

Case introduction

Raw material: Big diameter scrap rebar 18-32mm with a short length
Final product: Small diameter rebar
Production capacity: 3T per hour

Step 1. Help customers choose the best production plan

In 2018, Hongteng received an inquiry from a customer, inquiring about a rebar-making line. 

After a deep talk, they told us they are doing construction business, they got lots of scrap metal material on the construction site, especially the short rebars which can not use due to the mini length. And in local, selling the scrap steel material price is very cheap which is about 250USD/ton.

When we got this information, we make a plan for our client. We suggest customer scrap the rebar by re-heating and rolling the line. Finally, the customer choose a 3T small rolling steel production line to manufacture a deformed bar. Our engineer went to his country and helped the customer install this line successfully.

Step 2. Make a feasibility report to analyze the project's financial condition

According to the market research, the Raw material price is 250USD/Ton. The final rebar market price is around 1000 USD/Ton. We make feasibility reports for customers, remove the production cost, and human power salary, and the client will make the equipment money back within 3 months! 

Step 3. Project equipment configuration and startup

Induction heating furnace to reheat scrap rebar

Auto feeding table - feeding the billet automatically into the rolling mill

Hot rolling mill Group - Processing the scrap rebar as new standard rebar

Cooling bed - to cool the rebars

Cut to length shear - cut the rebar as fixed-length

Packing table - to packing rebar

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