Continuous casters for the production of rolled steel

In the steel rolling production line, continuous casting and rolling is a very common steel bar production process. The equipment that must be used in continuous casting and rolling is the continuous casting machine. Today, the editor of Judian will introduce the technological characteristics of the continuous casting machine.

There are two common continuous casting machines, square billet and round billet.

The process characteristics of the round billet continuous casting machine mainly include the following aspects:

Since the size of the arc radius can be directly matched with a variety of different steel grades for flexible production, the production range of the continuous casting machine is greatly expanded.

By improving the quality level of the internal billet, not only the control effect of the continuous casting machine is effectively improved, but also the production flexibility is improved, and the comprehensive benefit of the enterprise is improved.

Second, the square billet and the round billet can be produced at the same time.

Due to the high flexibility of the equipment, different customers have made corresponding technical adjustments in actual production, highlighting the characteristics of the square and round billet continuous casting machine.

Due to the flexible replacement, not only the manufacturing radius of the round billet can be increased, but also the production of the square billet can be carried out, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes, which greatly expands the scope of use. This saves production and procurement costs for enterprises.

The third is automatic protection technology.

Since the continuous casting machine has added automatic equipment, the uniform distribution of the mold slag is achieved by effectively controlling the adding speed of the mold slag.

In addition, the application scope of automatic protection technology also includes improving the internal lubrication conditions of the mold and improving the overall efficiency of production, thereby reducing production risks and improving overall profits.

Fourth, automatic mixing technology.

The internal hollow crystallization electromagnetic stirrer is installed inside the square billet and round billet arc continuous casting machine, which can realize the simultaneous production of the billet surface and the internal structure, thus greatly improving the internal quality of the billet.

Since the application principle of automatic stirring technology mainly relies on electromagnetic stirring, the energy consumption is reduced.

Compared with the traditional continuous casting machine, the electromagnetic stirrer at the end of the secondary cooling has the effect of expanding the axial crystallization rate of the billet, which has a certain effect on improving the loose environment inside the billet and improving the loose environment inside the billet.

This is our sharing of knowledge about rolling steel today. You can follow Luoyang Judian to learn more about steel rolling.

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