What Is the Difference Between Continuous Casting and Ingot Casting?

Continuous casting and ingot casting are popular casting methods in the casting industry. However, with the continuous development of technology, continuous casting has made rapid progress in the modern casting industry, and it is gradually replacing casting and other casting methods as the mainstream. So, what are the differences between continuous casting and ingot casting? Today, Luoyang Giant Power will introduce it to you in detail.

Continuous Casting

Continuous casting is an advanced casting method. The principle is to pour the melting metal into a special metal type called a crystal device, solidifying (shell) casting, continuously from the other end of the crystallizer. Pull out, it can obtain a cast of any length or specific length.

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Advantages of Continuous Casting

At present, in the casting industry, most steel plants apply continuous casting to produce various products. Continuous casting has the following advantages.

1. Because of quickly cooled, the crystals are dense, the tissue is uniform, and the mechanical performance is better;

2. During continuous casting, there is no pouring system on the casting. Therefore, continuous ingots do not need to cut the head to the end when rolling. It saves metals, and increases income;

3. Simplify the process, thereby reducing the intensity of labor;

4. The area required for production is also greatly reduced;

5. Continuous cast production is easy to achieve through mechanization and automation. What's more, continuous casting and rolling can be achieved when casting ingots, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Ingot Casting

The ingot, melting metal is injected into the steel ingot mold through the steel water pack, and the process of condensing into the steel ingot is also called mold casting, which is the last process of steelmaking. The qualified molten steel refined by the steelmaking furnace must be cast into steel ingots or casts with a certain section shape and size for further usage.

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Critical Indicators for Casting Ingots

The quantity and quality requirements of steel ingots are the basis of various technical and economic indicators of steelmaking. Steel water income rate, the qualification rate of the steel ingot, the steel ingot mold and the refractory material consumption all directly affect the material and energy consumption and the cost of the steel. Ingots are usually the slowest and weakest parts of various processes of steelmaking production. To improve the production capacity of nuggets, you can dig into the production potential of steelmaking. Therefore, expanding the type of ingot, increasing the speed of injection, and improving the efficiency has always been an important technical measure for existing steel mills to excavate potential transformation.

Improvement Direction of Cast Ingots Casting

1. Promote the refined process outside the furnace in the mold-cast steel plant to improve the fluctuation range of steel water cleanliness and reduce the temperature and composition of steel water;

2. Further improve the technical equipment prepared by the steel barrel, improve the process operation, and improve the automation level of casting operations;

3. Improve the design of the steel ingot mold, continue to improve the thermal efficiency of the thermal insulation cap, improve the material and production technology of the steel ingot, to further improve the material rate of steel ingots, and reduce the consumption of steel ingot mold;

4. Improve the efficiency of the mechanization and cleanup of steel ingots, study improvement of steel ingot mold and bottom plate coatings, and improve the surface quality of steel ingots;

5. Improve or develop new protection pouring processes, and reduce the secondary oxidation of steel water and mixed material pollution in the process of eliminating the cleaning of steel to improve the cleanliness of steel ingots.

The above is the difference between continuous casting and ingot casting. Luoyang Judian is a continuous casting equipment production and supplier. We have more than 10 years of continuous casting equipment production experience. If you have questions related to continuous casting, please get in touch with us at any time, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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