Principles of Steel Rolling Mill Selection for Wire Rod Production Line

In the development of the metallurgical industry, efficient rolling technology has always made rolling steel the main way for the formation of steel in the steel industry. The advancement of rolling technology not only improves the quality of the product but also improves efficiency and reduces costs. So, what kind of principles does the selection of a steel rolling mill in the wire rod production line have? Today, Luoyang Judian will introduce it to you.

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The main basis for the selection of steel rolling machines is the steel, product varieties and specifications of steel produced in the workshop, the size of the production scale, and the product production process determined.

When choosing a steel rolling mill, you should generally pay attention to the following principles.

Principles of Steel Rolling Mill Selection

1) Determine the billet rolling road according to the finished product specifications and parameters;

2) Under the premise of satisfying the product plan, the rolling machine is reasonable and tailoring;

3) There are high production efficiency and equipment utilization coefficients;

4) Ensure to obtain good quality products, and take into account the possibility of making new products;

5) It is conducive to the realization of mechanization and automation of rolling machines. Thus, it helps improve the labor conditions of workers;

6) Advanced and reasonable structure type, easy manufacturing, simple operation, convenient maintenance;

7) The spare parts are easy to replace, and it is conducive to the standardization of spare parts;

8) Good comprehensive technical and economic indicators.

In addition to the certain intensity, the wire rolling machine, steel pipe rolling machine, and steel plate rolling machine are also required sufficient rigidity to ensure the correct geometric shape and accurate size of these rolling products. Therefore, in addition to following the general principles of the above-mentioned steel rolling machine, it is necessary to start from the production process requirements and determine the structural type, main technical parameters, and the form of their layout according to the production characteristics and specific requirements of different products.

In addition, we must keep an equal metal flow during a certain time when the steel billet passes through different rolling mills. Because continuous rolling is easy to achieve mechanization and automation, we can have easy access to a higher rolling speed. So, it has excellent production capacity. Continuously arranged rolling machines are the direction of developing various types of rolling machines.

The technological progress of the world's steel rolling industry is mainly concentrated in the shortening and simplification of the production process. It ultimately forms high-quality performance, diversified varieties specifications, and controlling computerization.

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