How to use the rolling mill machine better?

The rolling mill machine is very important to the whole rolling mill. When you purchase a rolling mill machine, you need to pay attention to the appearance and technical parameters of the rolling mill and other intuitive things.

Steel rolling is one of the most energy-intensive industries today. The power of the rolling equipment is large, and the energy consumption in the rolling production is also large.

Reducing the energy consumption of the rolling mill in the production process is the key to effectively control the rolling cost and improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

The first consideration is to reduce the rolling mill cost.

Use appropriate rolling raw materials to reduce rolling passes and optimize pass design. If the continuous rolling can meet the output requirements, there is no need for billet rolling or rough rolling.

In the continuous rolling process, it is necessary to control the rolling stock as much as possible within the deformation amount to reduce the rolling range of the rolling stock into the rolling mill. The larger the size of the raw material, the more the corresponding rolling passes.

Strengthen classification and rolling, classify raw material billets, similar materials can be divided into one category, so that the rolling production process can be controlled, the output will be greatly improved, and it is also an effective measure to reduce power consumption for rolling mills.

The material of the roll is important because it must be able to withstand loads that plastically deform the rolling stock without plastic deformation itself.

In the rolling of hot steel, this is not a problem, iron or steel rolls are suitable if they operate at a temperature much lower than that of the rolling stock.

Working accuracy and speed as well as roll life are related to roll pass design and roll material selection. The rolling sequence of the rolling pass design is limited by the rolling load, rolling strength and rolling torque available.

The roll passes are also designed to ensure that the physical dimensions and materials of the rolls can withstand the heaviest loads generated during the rolling process.

There is also a question about the after-sales of the equipment. No matter in terms of use, maintenance, maintenance, etc., timely and effective after-sales service is an important indicator of rolling mill procurement.

Since the technical parameters of each rolling mill are different, whether the spare parts can be guaranteed for life is also an easily overlooked issue in the purchase of rolling equipment. We need to consider the actual ability of the manufacturer to ensure that all after-sales requirements are met.

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