Rolling mill supporting equipment Maintenance of reducer

In the rolling production line, there will be many supporting equipment. For example, the reducer can better distribute the output energy of the motor. Today we will talk about the maintenance of the reducer.

1. Check the bolts of the reducer to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable.

2. Observe the condition of the thin oil lubricating oil flow indicator. Ensure that the oil circuit is unobstructed, the pressure and flow of the oil are sufficient, and there should be no leakage in the pipes, valves, seals and joint surfaces.

3. Check the working condition of the bearing. Prevent the bearing from heating, loosening, severe wear and abnormal noise. When there is a problem, deal with it in time.

4. Check the working condition of the gear and keep its transmission smooth. Open the observation cover frequently to check whether the tooth surface contact and wear are normal, and whether each flat groove on the lubricating oil nozzle is unobstructed. If any problem is found, deal with it in time.

5. Check the oil flow through the oil flow indicator at the inlet of each lubrication point. The on-site setting values ​​are as follows:

Rough rolling reducer: pressure relay pressure ≥ 0.15MPa is normal.

Medium rolling reducer: pressure relay pressure ≥ 0.15MPa is normal.

Pre-finishing reducer: pressure relay pressure ≥ 0.15MPa is normal.

6. Touch and check the bearing temperature with your hand. It is normal to touch the seat or end cover for about 3 seconds without any hot feeling. If the temperature is too high, you should report to the workshop immediately.

7. Use the needle to touch the bearing seat to listen to the movement sound. If there is no abnormal noise, it is normal. If the sound is abnormal, it should be reported to the workshop immediately.

That's what we share today. Luoyang Judian is a steel rolling mills. Welcome to follow us to learn more about steel bar mill production lines.

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