Process formulation for steel rolling production

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We, Judian, are a manufacturer of rolling mill equipment. In the steel rolling production line, determining the process is of great significance to ensure the output, quality and cost of the product.

The technological process of rolling steel production is quite complicated. Although with the improvement of the quality requirements of rolled products, the expansion of the variety range and the application of new technologies and new equipment, the various processes that make up the technological process will change accordingly.

The entire steel rolling production process is always composed of the following basic processes:

Billet preparation: including cleaning of surface defects, removal of surface scale and pre-heat treatment of billets, etc.

Billet heating: It is an important process in the hot rolling production process.

Steel rolling: It is the core of the entire steel rolling production process. The billet completes the deformation process by rolling. The rolling process plays a decisive role in the quality of the product.

The quality requirements of rolled products include three aspects: product geometry and dimensional accuracy, internal organization and performance, and product surface quality. The task of formulating the rolling schedule is to propose reasonable process parameters on the basis of in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the rolling process, so as to achieve the above-mentioned quality requirements and make the rolling mill have good technical and economic indicators.

Finishing: It is the last process in the steel rolling production process, and it is also a relatively complex process. It plays an ultimate role in guaranteeing the quality of the product.

The technical requirements of the products are different, and the content of the finishing process is also very different. The finishing process usually includes many specific processes such as cutting or coiling of steel, cooling after rolling, straightening, heat treatment of finished products, surface cleaning of finished products, and various coloring.

What is the basis for formulating the process?

Several processes that make up the production process shall not be arbitrarily chosen.

The main basis for formulating the process is:

technical conditions of the product. The product technical conditions stipulate the quality requirements for the product, that is, it clearly stipulates the geometric shape and dimensional accuracy of the product, the internal structure and properties of the steel, and the surface quality, so it is the primary basis for formulating the process.

Processing performance of steel grades: The processing performance of steel includes deformation resistance, plasticity, and the tendency to form defects. It reflects the processing difficulty of steel, determines and affects the processing methods and methods of steel. Obviously it is an important basis for formulating the process.

Production scale: Generally speaking, the production scale has two meanings, namely the size of the enterprise scale and the size of each product batch.

Product cost: The cost is a comprehensive reflection of the production effect. Generally speaking, the poorer the processing performance of steel, the higher the technical requirements of the product, the more complicated the technological process, the higher the consumption of metals, fuel, electricity, labor, etc. in the production process, and the product cost will inevitably increase accordingly. On the contrary, the cost will drop. Therefore, the level of cost is, to a certain extent, a reflection of whether the process is reasonable.

This is what we share today, I hope it can be helpful to you. Welcome to Luoyang Judian to learn more about steel rolling production.

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