Steel tmt mill in steel plant

We, Judian, are a steel rolling mill manufacturer. We are equipped with factory and experienced engineers. We can provide users with CCM mills, TMT steel bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, finishing mills, rolling mill stands, hot rolling mills for sale, profile rolling mills, etc.

To improve the quality of the finished product, our small rebar mills have been using the TMT system. Today we will introduce you to the steel tmt rolling mill.

TMT is a quenching system that controls the cooling process during rolling. By controlling the cooling rate of different rolled metals after rolling, the microstructure and mechanical properties of the steel are controlled.

Cooling is controlled by tmt without reducing the toughness of the rolled metal. At the same time, the strength of the steel can be improved and the cooling time of the hot-rolled steel can be shortened.

For different kinds of steel, controlled cooling depends on the strength and toughness of the rolling conditions and cooling conditions.

Features of TMT Quenching System:

Compact structure and good strength;

The unique vortex water cooling is adopted, the cooling is uniform and sufficient, and the cooling effect is good;

Depending on the pressure state, the corresponding pressure can be adjusted according to different rolling processes, and the operation is simple and easy to observe;

The lateral movement of the frame is adjustable, the line adjustment is convenient, the performance is good, and the accident handling is convenient and quick;

The design of the secondary counterattack water cleaning device has good cleaning effect;

The comprehensive mechanical properties of rolled products are significantly improved, the appearance is beautiful, and the strip is straight.


Mainly used in steel bar rolling mill production line, with the following advantages:

1. High-rigidity rolling mill ensures product accuracy and is easy to achieve negative offset rolling;

2. Symmetrical adjustment can be achieved;

3. The bearing has a long service life and reduces product cost;

4. Pre-adjusted performance, quick roll change and high yield;

5. Improve the structure and performance of metal;

6. The degree of deformation is greater;

7. Can improve the energy efficiency of the production line.

All in all, if you have steel rolling production needs, the tmt mill will be a good choice.

This is what we shared about the tmt rolling mill today. Welcome to Luoyang Judian, you can learn more about the rolling production line.

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