Why Should You Apply High-speed Wire Rod Mill in the Production?

The high-speed wire rod mill generally refers to rolling mills with a maximum rolling speed higher than 40m/s. Therefore, when the maximum rolling speed of the wire rod mill is higher than 40m/s, it is called a high-speed wire rod mill. The high-speed wire rod mill is of high-speed, single-wire, no twist, micro tension, and automation. And, the products are characterized by large discs, high precision, and good quality. Improving the rolling speed is the trend and the key to the development of the wire rod mill. Increasing the rolling speed of the rolling mill can increase the output, increase the coil weight, and reduce the cost.

Judian continuous wire rod mill

The wire rod mill is a rolling mill specially used for rolling wire rods. The wire rod is the product with the smallest cross-sectional size of the profile. When it is rolled from the billet to the finished product, the total elongation coefficient is large, and the rolled piece is often only rolled once on each rolling mill. Therefore, the wire rod rolling mill has the largest number of stands and the smallest division of labor among hot-rolled rolling mills. The current continuous wire rod mill is generally composed of 21 to 28 stands, divided into the rough rolling mill, intermediate rolling mill, and finishing rolling mill. The structure and arrangement of wire rod mills have been developing in the direction of high-speed, continuous, twist-free, single-wire, combined structure, mechanization, and automation.

Main Technological Features of High-speed Wire Rod mill

Judian high-speed wire rod mill

High-speed rolling

The rolling speed of an ordinary continuous wire rod rolling mill is generally below 35m/s, and the rolling speed of a double-double rolling mill is about 16m/s. And the rolling speed of the high-speed wire rod mills currently in use is mostly above 75m/s, and the higher rolling speed has reached 120m/s, even 140m/s;

Twist-free rolling

The finishing rolling unit of a general high-speed wire rod mill consists of 8 to 10 stands, single-wire rolling, and the rolling is cantilever type, adjacent to the stands;

Controllable Cooling

Due to the high rolling speed and heavy disk of the high-speed wire rod mill, it is not acceptable to adopt the method of directly collecting coils. The rolled piece comes out of the finishing mill on the high-speed wire rod rolling mill. It directly enters the water cooler for rapid cooling, and then through the laying machine, the wire rod is scattered in a controlled manner on the conveyor for coil cooling, generally using air cooling, and finally, air cooling is natural cooling. Controlled cooling is not only to cool down the temperature quickly, prevent the formation of secondary oxide scale and make the structure uniform, but more importantly, to control the structure and performance of the wire. Therefore, the processing system for controlling each section of cooling is determined by the microstructure and performance requirements of the steel type of the rolled wire rod;

Low-temperature rolling and temperature-controlled rolling

Due to the high rolling speed, the temperature not only does not decrease but rises during the rolling process, so the rolling start temperature can be reduced to achieve low-temperature rolling. The method of setting water coolers at different positions is used to control the temperature of each section and carry out temperature-controlled rolling.

The wire rod rolling mill has experienced the development process from horizontal, semi-continuous, continuous to high-speed rolling mills. Each new machine type and each new production line layout have improved the rolling speed and product quality of wire rods. High-speed non-twist finishing mills and controlled cooling equipment for wire rod production marked the beginning of a new generation of wire rod mills.

wire rod mill

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