Rolling Process of Rolling Mill and Precautions for Installation

The rolling mill is the equipment that realizes the metal rolling process and generally refers to the equipment that completes the whole process of rolling material production.

Judian rolling mill

Rolling Mill Types

According to the number of rolls, the rolling mill can be divided into two rolls, four rolls, six rolls, eight rolls, twelve rolls, eighteen rolls, etc.; according to the arrangement of the rolls, it can be divided into "L" type, "T" type, " F", "Z" and "S" types.

Generally speaking, the method used in industrial production is hot rolling. The method is simple to operate and has an obvious rolling effect. Therefore, hot rolling was once popular in the production workshops of large factories. In contrast, cold rolling is suitable for the production of high-performance steel sheets and strips, and very thin strips can be produced by the cold rolling process. In addition, the surface quality of cold rolling is very good, and there will be no pitting, oxidation, or other problems. According to the special needs of different users, the strip steel with different roughness can be processed. The products of the cold rolling process have good mechanical and process properties and can be produced efficiently.

Rolling mill single sheet rolling is an early rolling method. The specific operation is to put the steel plates into the rolling mill equipment individually. After the whole pile of steel plates is rolled, lift it to the front of the rolling mill with a crane, and start the next rolling until it is rolled into the specified finished product size. Although this operation method is often adjusted, it is widely used in actual production because the surface is not easy to be scratched, especially for larger steel plates. There is also a method of coil rolling. After the whole stack of steel plates is rolled once, return to the second rolling one by one. This method can make the size of the rolled product relatively uniform and greatly saves time for roll reversal and pressure adjustment. This effectively increases the output of the cold rolling mill, but sometimes causes scratches between the plates.

Precautions for Installation

For the installation of rolling mill equipment, many people have some minor mistakes, which may affect the use of rolling mill equipment. Before installation, carefully check whether the components are firm, and remove all obstacles in transportation and storage in time. Simultaneously clean the parts, decontaminate the rotating parts, and add lubricating oil. Before the equipment is installed, the foundation surface should be cleaned. When installed, the shim can be used to correct the level. The user shall construct the secondary grouting layer according to the actual situation on site. When installing the rolling mill, it should be adjusted according to the center line of the equipment and leveled in sections. The height of the centerline of the reducer and the height and vertical deviation of the centerline of the arch is not greater than 0.3mm/m. After starting the motor normally, test the roller for more than two hours without load, and check the heating of the roller bearing and the reducer, the temperature must not exceed 60°C, and the reducer mill should rotate smoothly, without loud noise and impact sound. After the no-load test is normal, it can be carried out according to the rolling process regulations. During adjustment and trial operation, carefully check whether the bolts of each component are firm, and rotate them manually. In addition, check whether the transmission system is normal. If there is a blockage, the cause must be checked in time to check whether the electrical circuit is normal.

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