How to Maintain the Rolling Mill Rolls?

In the rolling production line, the rolling mill is the most important equipment. During operation, the rolling mill rolls will generate a large radial force, and the high-speed rotation of the work roll will cause fatigue pitting corrosion of the bearing. Therefore, in the rolling production line, the wear of the rolls has always been a big problem. Today, Judian will share with you how to maintain the rolling mill rolls.

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For all equipment, the most important thing is daily maintenance in order to use it for a long time. Therefore, the simplest and most effective method is to pay attention to the off-line cleaning of the rolling mill rollers after the rolling mill has been working online for a certain period of time.

  • Do the preparing work, use suitable machine tools and alloy cutting tools, and let the relevant personnel do the disassembly of the equipment.
  • Wipe off the oil on the surface of the roll, and check the dimensional accuracy of the mating surface between the bearing housing and the roll. Grind the out-of-tolerance roll, and re-measure the roll size after grinding. If the process size requirements can be met, continue use and keep detailed records.
  • During the high-speed operation of the roll, the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing cage will generate a certain amount of vibration. If the bearing works under this vibration for a long time, the outer ring roller table will be fatigued and peeled off, which will seriously cause the bearing to fail.
  • Therefore, the bearings at both ends of the work roll can be periodically used to reduce the fatigue peeling caused by the single rolling force of the bearing.
  • After the work is completed, the surface of the roll bearing is cleaned with absolute ethanol, dried, and then remounted on the rolling mill.

Don’t underestimate these simple operations. If the cleaning effect is not good, it will not only waste the labor input and maintenance funds, but also cause problems in the operation of the equipment. It directly affects the production capacity of the production line.

This is what we share today about the maintenance of rolling mills and rolls, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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rolling mill rolls - Judian

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