Small Steel Hot Rolling Machine, the Best Choice for Small Steel Plant

For small steel plant, usually referring to the factory whose shift-capacity is less than 100 tons, the small steel hot rolling production line is the best choice to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and can be upgraded if necessary in the future.

small steel hot rolling machine

Then, what are the advantages of the small steel hot rolling machine, why is the small steel hot rolling machine so popular to the small steel plant, how to select the best production process for a small steel plant? These are what we will talk about today.

What Does Hot Rolling Machine Do?

The steel rolling type is classified to cool rolling (lower than the recrystallization temperature) and hot rolling (higher than the recrystallization temperature) according to the temperature of metal rolled.

Commonly, we use rolling machine to roll the metal to different shapes, such as square steel, round steel, steel billet, steel plate, wire rod, and so on. The products that are known to us are automobile sheet, bridge steel, boiler steel, pipeline steel, thread bar, train wheels, etc.

What the Process of Steel Hot Rolling?

As the complexity of steel rolling, the increasingly improved product quality, and the newly introduced of rolling equipment, the whole steel rolling process will differ. In general, the process is as follow:

Steel Billet Preparation: prepare the semi-finished steel products and clean up the metal oxide of the surface and other defects.

Billet Heating: Heat the semi-finished steel products to the temperature required. The steel billets will be softened, then, sent to the rolling machine. This is the necessary step of the whole hot rolling process.

Steel Rolling: The core step of the hot rolling process, the decisive factor of the product quality.

Finishing Rolling: It is the last process in the steel rolling production process, and it is also a relatively complex process. It plays an ultimate role in guaranteeing the quality of the product. The steel billet will be rolled to different shapes through this process.

Why Is the Small Steel Hot Rolling Machine So Popular?

small steel hot rolling machine

Highly Automated

The production line can be connected with continuous casting machine to simplify the work flow, improve production efficiency, and reduce the number of workers.

Flexible Reasonable Deformation Sequence and Passing Times

If you want to get different sizes of products, what you need do is adjust the deformation sequence and the passing times. It’s an easy thing to do.

Low Cost

A set of small hot steel hot rolling machine is much cheaper than the conventional production line.

Easily Upgraded

The production can reserve a lot of space in equipment ungraded. If you want to increase the capacity, you can just extend the production by install more continuous rolling mills.

How to Select the Best Steel Rolling Production Line?

small steel hot rolling machine

Then, how can we select the best steel rolling production line? Which factors should we take in consideration?

Product Requirement

Firstly, we should clearly know the product requirements, such as shape, size, internal structure, surface condition, and the performance to achieve.

Performance of Steel to Be Processed

Secondly, we must know what we will process. The difficulty of producing will be different according to the different performance of steel to be processed, so is the producing method.


Every steel plant pursues a lower producing cost, so the production line cost and the initial investment will be the key factor when a steel plant selects the steel rolling production line.

Working Condition

Of course, we should give a relative good working environment to the workers when select a steel rolling production line. Also, we need to take the environment-friend into consideration, avoid pollution and other questions.

Only according to these factors, can we select the most suitable production line. Luoyang Judian can provide the suitable steel hot rolling production line to the customers all over the world. Welcome to contact us if you have any question about the production line.

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