The Advantages of the Small Rolling Mills in the Steel Rolling Production Line

A small rolling mill is a kind of rolling mill. Many small steel mills have chosen small rolling mills in the early stages of plant construction. So, as a small rolling mill favored by steel mills, what irreplaceable advantages does it have in the steel rolling production line? Today, Luoyang Judian will analyze it for everyone.

Judian small rolling mills

The small rolling mills occupy a small area

Compared with ordinary rolling mills, the volume of small rolling mills is greatly reduced, and the investment cost will also be greatly reduced. Small rolling mills are designed with a direct reduction to meet the rolling requirements of thicker materials. In addition, the core components of the small rolling mill - rolls, including rolls and backup rolls - are used for rolling and supporting, which can improve the shape and straightness of the plate.

Multi-roll design possible

The optimized design of the equipment is also conducive to improving the rigidity and hardness of the small rolling mill, so as to achieve the rolling accuracy of the material. The existence of a multi-roll small rolling mill can reduce the number of rolling passes of materials in the rolling mill. In this way, the work efficiency of the entire production line can be effectively improved and the production cost of the factory can be reduced.

There is a lot of room for upgrading the output of small rolling mills

Considering the later development of the factory, under normal circumstances, small rolling mills will reserve a very large capacity upgrade space. Therefore, if you want to increase production, you only need to add a continuous rolling mill behind the small rolling mill, without dismantling the original equipment. The premise is that the factory has enough space.

Highly modifiable

The small rolling mill is controlled by a simple and reliable electrical control system. The structure of the equipment is simple, and it is very convenient for later maintenance and replacement of accessories. In addition, the round steel bar can be rolled by connecting the wire take-up machine behind the small rolling mill, and the angle steel can be produced by connecting the straightening machine.

Wide variety of rolled products

The biggest advantage of the small rolling mill is its flexibility. Choose a reasonable deformation sequence and passing times according to different finished product sizes.

Rolled products have good performance

The products rolled by the hot rolling mill not only meet the relevant requirements in terms of size, shape, shape, flatness, surface quality, high yield point control, and mechanical properties, so they not only can bring more economic benefits to customers but also can effectively save production costs.

The small rolling mill is one of the main production equipment for the construction of steel bars. With the deepening of urbanization, the vigorous development of infrastructure construction and real estate has a strong demand for steel bars, and it also provides good opportunities for the development of small rolling mills.

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