What kinds of materials can small rolling machines produce?

A rolling mill is a machine that realizes metal rolling and can complete the whole process of rolling material production. The rolling mill includes main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment and auxiliary equipment.

Due to the continuous development of the steel rolling industry and the increase in the variety of steel products, the forms of rolling mills have also developed in various ways. Among them, the small rolling mill has superior performance, small size, and is very convenient to use. Very popular with usernames.

There are many types of small rolling mills with large output and high degree of automation. The small rolling mill is mainly composed of the following parts:

Work rolls for direct strip rolling

Device for adjusting the reduction and height of the rolls

Racks for mounting rolls and other component loads

Roll balance and hydraulics

The main motor and rotating device that drive the roll to rotate, etc.

Diversification of iron-making and steel-making materials, and increase in substitutes for steel products. Customers will be more and more strict on the types and quality of steel products, which requires the continuous improvement of the advanced technical content and production process of small rolling mills.

After the small rolling mill is upgraded, it can produce threaded steel bar, round steel, flat steel and angle steel.

The advantages of small rolling mills are that the investment is low, the effect is quick, and the steel production process and production process structure are constantly updated. It has brought conditions for the development of new products in the steel rolling industry, the progress of technology, the improvement of product quality, and the wider use of products.

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