rolling mills of Lubrication

The main equipment of the rolling mill includes working stand, connecting bearing, gear stand, main coupling, reducer and so on.

rolling mills of Lubrication

On the rolling line, the working conditions are poor. Because the equipment is exposed to high temperature, humidity and dust for a long time, it is easy to be corroded. Therefore, there are high requirements for the lubrication of equipment.

Today, the editor of Judian will introduce you some knowledge about rolling mill lubrication.

In the steel rolling process, a process lubricating cooling medium must be added between the contact surface of the roll and the rolling material.

These lubricating media can reduce the friction between the roll and the rolling material and reduce the power consumption of the equipment. After the lubricating medium is used, the temperature can be controlled, the steel becomes easy to stretch, and finally the quality of the rolled product can be improved.

There are many structures of, and each one has different requirements for.

Common rolling mill lubrication systems include dynamic pressure system, static pressure system and dynamic and static pressure mixed system. We usually have the following requirements for lubricating cooling medium

Extreme pressure

Machine bearings are subject to large rolling forces and impact loads. Poor rolling lubrication will directly cause bearing scratches or even burn accidents.


For dry oil lubrication, most of the grease plays a sealing role, except for a small part of the lubricating role.

shear stabilization

The rolling speed of hot rolling and cold rolling equipment is very high.

This is the knowledge about rolling mill lubrication, I hope to help you. Welcome to Luoyang Judian, you can consult us about anything about rolling steel production.

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