Steel rolling | steel rolling production

In steel rolling production, the casting process is a common manufacturing method.

Steel rolling | steel rolling production

steel rolling | steel rolling production

Casting is the pouring of molten metal into a mold, where the molten steel cools and then solidifies to obtain parts of the desired shape and properties. The advantages of this production process are low manufacturing costs and great process flexibility.

The casting process can produce large castings with complex shapes and occupies a large proportion of machinery manufacturing.

The main materials used for casting are cast steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous alloys such as copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc.

Process: making molds, smelting metal, pouring molten steel, solidifying molten steel, releasing molds, and cleaning molds.

Make molds, smelt metal, pour molten steel, solidify molten steel, demould, and clean molds.

The most commonly used casting method is sand casting because of its low cost, simple production process, and short production cycle.

Among the total casting production, 60-70% of the castings are produced with sand molds, and about 70% of them are produced with clay sand molds.

If you encounter some more complex castings, such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, etc. of automobile engines, you need to use clay green sand for production.

However, the castings produced by sand casting have some poor characteristics. For example surface accuracy, smoothness, material density, metallographic structure, and mechanical properties.

The accuracy of castings obtained by various casting methods is different, and the final economic benefits are also different.

steel rolling | steel rolling production

Although the production cost is higher, the castings produced in this way are dimensionally accurate and have a smooth surface.

Although the production cost is higher, the castings produced in this way have accurate dimensions and smooth surfaces.

Of course, the collective production conditions of different enterprises are also different. When we choose the process, we also need to consider the equipment, venue, staff quality, and other aspects. Use a casting method that is economical and guarantees casting requirements.

That's what we share today about rolling and casting processes. Hope it can help you.

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